The Boho Girl’s LBD

Da  long black dress. *Thanks PinkBlush, for sponsoring this post. I know LBD is  “little black dress” and is like a thing for women to always have, but it’s cold outside now  ya girl can’t and won’t compromise on comfort. I’M SORRY. If I have to buy a special bra for it, I’m not doing it. If […]

Embroidery & Pinstripes

Happy Friday funky party people! So lately I’ve been totally obsessed with dresses, especially for the summer. They’re easy to throw on, and I can wear spanx under them to keep my legs from chaffing which has SAVED my life since we’ve been in NYC. It’s so hot this week, and we’ve been walking a […]

Flare Jeans & Hazlmay Handbags

Woo, Friday! I’m really excited to talk about this look today because 1) Flare jeans are my new obsessions and 2) this handbag. **This post was sponsored by Hazlmay but all opinions remain my own!  Hazlmay makes handbags, backpacks, and crossbodies with the young and adventurous women in mind! One thing I love about this […]

Blanket Scarves & Fedoras

I love fedoras.  I  know some people make fun of them, but I don’t care. I used to hate wearing hats altogether but the last few years, I’ve been wearing the hell out of them. Fedora’s can be a little expensive (in my opinion) I just feel like paying $20+ for an accessory is a […]

Print & Crochet

I love mixing textures in my outfits and right now I’m obsessed with these crochet shorts! I have them in this creme color and in black – they’re so in style right now you can find them almost anywhere! ► KMART ► ABERCROMBIE (on sale!) ► BILLABONG ► RUE 21 (pictured & only $8!) ► KOHL’S ► WALMART ► CHARLOTTE RUSSE ► TARGET & […]