Cloud 9 Living X Coastal Helicopters LLC

Blogging perk #87925436: forging partnerships and relationships will dope ass brands and companies. *I was gifted this experience from Cloud 9 Living in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own!  Cloud9Living is a website that focuses on the gift of experience. Instead of buying someone a physical, material, gift – give them something to do; Something […]

Fall Beach Daze 🌞

I love the fall weather and I love the Outer Banks and I love the dunes and I love Starr and I love Saturdays spent exploring and taking photos! It was the BEST DAY. EAST COAST BEACH MOUNTAINS! Starr is a badass lady advocate for self love and confidence and loving your body and she’s […]

Duck Donuts

GUYS HOW HAVE I LIVED IN NORTH CAROLINA FOR 8 YEARS AND NOT BEEN IN A DUCK DONUTS UNTIL THIS WEEK? When my sister graduated high school, we got a house on the Outer Banks for a week to celebrate. One night my mom drove to get these highly sought after donuts and… they were nothing special. […]

Kayaks in Kitty Hawk

FINALLY! I’ve been dying to go since it started warming up and we finally had the time to. I was pretty adamant about doing this on the Outer Banks because I needed to see the ocean, so we paid a little more to do it there. Kayaking isn’t an expensive thing to do, but at […]

Outer Banks, North Carolina

As you know, I love love love endless exploration and finding new things in old places. Lately I’ve been much more appreciative of my surroundings and the beauty that’s around me every day. Probably because I’m looking for it now, where as before, I didn’t think it was there. I thought I had to get […]