Cloud 9 Living X Coastal Helicopters LLC

Blogging perk #87925436: forging partnerships and relationships will dope ass brands and companies. *I was gifted this experience from Cloud 9 Living in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own!  Cloud9Living is a website that focuses on the gift of experience. Instead of buying someone a physical, material, gift – give them something to do; Something […]

Sunflower Fields

I have been seeing this field everywhere online but never had the chance to see it for myself. I’ve loved sunflowers since I was a child, and I think my dad even grew them when we were little? I’m not totally sure. But yellow is my favorite color, so obviously I needed to see this […]

Fall Beach Daze 🌞

I love the fall weather and I love the Outer Banks and I love the dunes and I love Starr and I love Saturdays spent exploring and taking photos! It was the BEST DAY. EAST COAST BEACH MOUNTAINS! Starr is a badass lady advocate for self love and confidence and loving your body and she’s […]

Tazza Kitchen

Yesterday after my doctor appointment my mom and I headed to Crabtree Mall to do some shopping and wait for my sister to finish her interview. When we left, we went to Tazza Kitchen! My mom and I go to Raleigh pretty often for my doctor appointments and we always look for new little cafes […]

Duck Donuts

GUYS HOW HAVE I LIVED IN NORTH CAROLINA FOR 8 YEARS AND NOT BEEN IN A DUCK DONUTS UNTIL THIS WEEK? When my sister graduated high school, we got a house on the Outer Banks for a week to celebrate. One night my mom drove to get these highly sought after donuts and… they were nothing special. […]


I love the ocean. I love being here- There’s something about it that’s just healing. Mentally and physically. It’s not crowded in Avon which is awesome – I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else on the OBX! It’s so quiet and small and so beautiful!  One of our first days here, the boys found a giant sea […]

I Panicked At The Disco

Anxiety is a funny thing. You can be totally fine all day long – until you’re just not. I wrote this from the Walnut Creek amphitheater in Raleigh, NC during the show – while I was roaming around by myself because I couldn’t handle the crowd of people near my seat. I’m a huge Panic! […]

Kayaks in Kitty Hawk

FINALLY! I’ve been dying to go since it started warming up and we finally had the time to. I was pretty adamant about doing this on the Outer Banks because I needed to see the ocean, so we paid a little more to do it there. Kayaking isn’t an expensive thing to do, but at […]