DUMBO – Brooklyn, NY

If you don’t already know, DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It’s a trendy little part of Brooklyn closest to the Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridges and it’s home to art, good food, and cobble stone roads. I’ve been wanting to go since I learned about it, we don’t usually get out of […]

Embroidery & Pinstripes

Happy Friday funky party people! So lately I’ve been totally obsessed with dresses, especially for the summer. They’re easy to throw on, and I can wear spanx under them to keep my legs from chaffing which has SAVED my life since we’ve been in NYC. It’s so hot this week, and we’ve been walking a […]

6 Steps: Plan A Travel Itinerary to NYC

Planning for travel can be overwhelming especially as someone who completely loathes the planning process. But for bigger cities like Manhattan, Miami, Los Angeles, and Vegas, it’s important to put together a somewhat detailed plan of action, or itinerary, before embarking on your journey into the a bustling city with a million different things going on, constantly.  Every time I’ve […]