Duck Donuts

GUYS HOW HAVE I LIVED IN NORTH CAROLINA FOR 8 YEARS AND NOT BEEN IN A DUCK DONUTS UNTIL THIS WEEK? When my sister graduated high school, we got a house on the Outer Banks for a week to celebrate. One night my mom drove to get these highly sought after donuts and… they were nothing special. […]

A Day in Cincinnati, Ohio!

Cincinnati is such a sweet city. I have never been here before, and I knew nothing about it, really. I didn’t even realize it was as big a city as it actually is! It should definitely be on your list of places to visit! My mom scheduled a wacky walk  for our morning in the city, […]

Sunny + 75 || Salsa + Margs

I walked outside this morning and the weather today was a pleasant surprise!! So I took myself to the store for salsa veggies + margarita ingredients because I was feelin’ some fresh vibes. My dad makes the best salsa I’ve ever had, by far. And my attempts to replicate it always fall short of his […]