5 Websites for Cheap Airfare

I’m not a big plane-lover and have only been on a plane twice but since I’ve been itching to go farther, (and eventually internationally) I have to suck it up and do it anyways. It’s not even that I’m afraid of plane crashes or heights. I just can’t deal with the idea of being stuck in the plane for […]

Richmond, Virginia 🌿

This weekend we drove out to Richmond to see Maymont Park! I had some other things planned but it started raining so… for another time, I guess! This park was so awesome though – we could’ve easily made an entire day of it. On the grounds there is a Japanese Garden, Italian Garden, butterfly garden, […]


I love the ocean. I love being here- There’s something about it that’s just healing. Mentally and physically. It’s not crowded in Avon which is awesome – I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else on the OBX! It’s so quiet and small and so beautiful!  One of our first days here, the boys found a giant sea […]

Washington D.C.

My brother was just confirmed in the Catholic church so he was able to finally attend the annual trip the the National Shrine in Washington D.C.! When discussing who would go, it was decided that we would all go for the weekend! Day 1 We left Saturday morning and hit some traffic making us late […]

Outer Banks, North Carolina

As you know, I love love love endless exploration and finding new things in old places. Lately I’ve been much more appreciative of my surroundings and the beauty that’s around me every day. Probably because I’m looking for it now, where as before, I didn’t think it was there. I thought I had to get […]