What Can You Eat?

With the issues I have with my stomach, I have dietary restrictions. It sucks, but it is what it is. You have to just roll with the punches and MAKE SHIT WORK, AMIRITE? I’ve been SO slack lately, eating my weight in sugary cereals, skipping meals, and binging at night. So I’m getting my act […]


If you’ve read any of my recent posts about my Crohn’s Disease, you know I’ve been strugglin’. (Here’s one!) I recently went in to have my first MRI done, and it was… interesting. Let me just start by saying – when I was first diagnosed (I was 17) they wanted me to do an MRI […]

The Other Side Of Invisible Illness (A Personal Recount)

“Invisible Illnesses” are considered such due to the lack of outward “tells”. Those suffering from such illnesses aren’t typically in wheelchairs. We aren’t always considered disabled. We don’t look sick. So, our diseases are deemed “invisible”. But, to anyone dealing with an “invisible” illness, or to anyone involved in the life of someone dealing with an “invisible” […]

Story Time: The Humira Ordeal

  So if you know me personally or just read here, you know I suffer from Crohn’s Disease, as does my sister, mom, and both her brothers. My sister’s disease got out of control and she was put on Humira. Took her shots like a boss (you have to administer them yourself). And she’s been […]