Dream List

• Speak Italian Fluently 
• Drive Highway 1
Get Published
• See Niagara Falls
Go Ziplining 
• Own Kayaks + SUP boards 
Try Snowboarding 
• Swim with Sea Turtles 
Try to Surf
• Take our Grand European Trip
• Volunteer with Orphaned Elephants 
Go Whale Watching 
• Wear a White Bikini in Greece
• Go to Yellowstone 
• See Mt. Rushmore 
• Go Skinny Dipping
• Have Chicago Deep Dish Pizza IN Chicago
• Swim with Pigs
• Go to Colorado in the Winter 
• Road Trip Across Canada 
• Sightsee from the top of Italy down to Sicily 
• Swim in the Gulf of Mexico 
• Use a Pottery Wheel 
Go Parasailing
• Drink Rose on a Rooftop
• Take a helicoptor ride over NYC
• Swim with Manatees
• Visit Sedona
Shoot a Gun
• Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride 
Win a Radio Contest 
• Go to Iceland
• Write a Book
• Swim with Dolphins 
• Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot
• Go on A  Sailboat 
Go to a Professional Sports Game
• Take Windsurfing Lessons 
• Swim in The Grand Canyon
• Leave my Gum on Seattle's Gum Wall
• See Foamhenge AND Stonehenge
Sell a Piece of Art
• Go Bridge Jumping
Play with Snakes 
• Camp ON the Beach 
• Learn how to Drive a Plane
• Experience La Tomatina 
Touch a Shark 
• Sunbathe Topless on the French Riviera
Get a Tattoo 
• Go to Big Sur