EASY: Chill Out + Grill Out

Kyle and I decided to grill some chicken for dinner the other night and it was the easiest dinner ever! I bought a family pack of wings from our butcher shop for about $12 (feeds us 2x!) and Kyle put them in different sauces before and after grilling them. I’m partial to Sweet Baby Ray’s […]

Peach + Pork

If you know me, you know my love for peaches in the summertime! Peaches are one of my favorite fruits and when they’re in season, I love to indulge! I got this peach rub from a culinary store per a friend’s request and then per the same friend’s request, made this peach vinaigrette! – and […]

A poor man’s Cinco De Mayo

So Kyle & I are both totally broke but we wanted to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with yummy Mexican food like we always do – this took extensive planning and number crunching. Not really. All we really wanted was taco salads and margaritas on 9$. And we DID IT! Granted we had a lot of […]

Sunny + 75 || Salsa + Margs

I walked outside this morning and the weather today was a pleasant surprise!! So I took myself to the store for salsa veggies + margarita ingredients because I was feelin’ some fresh vibes. My dad makes the best salsa I’ve ever had, by far. And my attempts to replicate it always fall short of his […]