I love the ocean. I love being here- There’s something about it that’s just healing. Mentally and physically. It’s not crowded in Avon which is awesome – I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else on the OBX! It’s so quiet and small and so beautiful!  One of our first days here, the boys found a giant sea […]

Lake Gaston

I’M ON A BOAT (bitch) I went to work yesterday and Kyle went on the boat with his friend Lee. We had made dinner plans so when I left work that evening, I went to the store for some supplies- and then he texts me from Lake Gaston, saying that if I drive to the boat […]

Kayaks in Kitty Hawk

FINALLY! I’ve been dying to go since it started warming up and we finally had the time to. I was pretty adamant about doing this on the Outer Banks because I needed to see the ocean, so we paid a little more to do it there. Kayaking isn’t an expensive thing to do, but at […]

A Night in Durham, North Carolina

Last night I went off to Durham, NC with some of  my future in-law ladies! Kyle’s cousin Arlie actually lives there so  she chose the restaurant and showed us around while we killed time before the River Dance show we were going to see! We ate at Dame’s Chicken + Waffles and it was amazing. I’d never really […]

Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington is our future and we can’t wait for it to become a reality. We love this city, all the surrounding areas, and all the beaches. We love, love, love, the ocean and it’s just such a wonderful place to be! There are so many amazing restaurants, so many things to do, and it’s such […]

Outer Banks, North Carolina

As you know, I love love love endless exploration and finding new things in old places. Lately I’ve been much more appreciative of my surroundings and the beauty that’s around me every day. Probably because I’m looking for it now, where as before, I didn’t think it was there. I thought I had to get […]