Reclaiming Your Sexy

I’m a huge believer in owning your sexuality, your sexyness, whatever makes you feel good, etc. I think it’s healthy, it’s fun, and it’s great for your confidence. (So long as you’re safe, responsible, etc. etc.) But as a young adult, I always felt suuuuuuper awkward “flaunting” myself in any way that could ever be deemed “sexual” or “sexy”. […]

BabbleBoxx Gift Guide

Happy hump day, friends!! Today we’ve got a GIFT GUIDE. Inspired and sponsored by Babbleboxx. Babbleboxx is an influencer marketing platform that gets the most out of brand advertising dollars by combining like-minded brands in one easy box. “BabbleBoxx creates theme-inspired collections that generate brand advocacy through social promotion. The original BabbleBoxx is a bestselling […]

You Are All You Have.

Growing up, my dad always told us, “never rely on a man.” “make your own money.” “be your own person.” And those words always sat in the back of my head, of course. He made for damn sure they did, LOL. And it’s not that I didn’t trust his words or judgement, I think I […]

A Letter To Me

In the midst of what feels like a quarter life crisis, a complete rehaul on the structure of your entire life, and your entire being, I hope you choose the path of healing and reconstruction. Life is weird.. and that in itself has become a staple saying you find yourself repeating on an hourly basis, […]

Story Time: My First Surgery

If you’re following along on social media, you probably saw I was HOSPITALIZED. *que dramatic music* I had been feeling a bit off a few days but didn’t think anything of my discomfort because I already have a diagnosed stomach disease. Little pains and discomforts aren’t alarming anymore. But on Saturday I woke up feeling […]


So I wanted to do two posts for NYC because I wanted something that could serve as a guide but I also wanted to share some stories and funnies from the day! NYC is such a big, diverse, place in a really small area so there’s a TON going on all the time and there […]


DISCLOSURE: this shop has been compensated by Collective Bias Inc. and its advertisers. All opinions are mine alone. #GrillGatingHero #GrillGating FALL IS COMING, YOU GUYS! I’m so excited to participate in this campaign with all my favorite foodie brands because you know I’ve BEEN ready for this – gone are the beach days and swimsuits. […]

We Went To Goat Yoga.

GOAT YOGAAAAA. I saw our friend Nicole in Florida had done goat yoga and I was so jealous I booked tickets that night for me and my sister to go. She was NOT as excited as I was, and was trying to give her ticket away to her friends. Apparently she was afraid of goats, […]

Blogging: Being A Responsible Influencer.

I am not a walking advertisement. I realize that having followers on social media is a coveted thing to have and it brings a lot of opportunities – brands and businesses are realizing the direction we’re headed in, and it’s online. It’s not TV anymore. Social media is where it’s at. It’s where everyone is. That’s where the most influence […]

Lifestyle Blogs: The Difference Between Drawing Inspiration & Being a Clone.

A Lifestyle Blog, by definition, is a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests. A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated from their personal interests and daily activities.  So why are so many “lifestyle bloggers” exactly the same? Seemingly reading from some sort of script. Writing in a way that seems fake, unnatural, […]