A Letter To Me

In the midst of what feels like a quarter life crisis, a complete rehaul on the structure of your entire life, and your entire being, I hope you choose the path of healing and reconstruction. Life is weird.. and that in itself has become a staple saying you find yourself repeating on an hourly basis, […]

8 Tips For Creating Your Own Happiness

So many people say that happiness is not a destination, but a way of being and I totally agree with that! Happiness doesn’t come when you lose the weight, when you finally move into your dream house, or when your get the job you’ve always wanted. Happiness is an accumulation of good attitude, finding the silver living, […]

Don’t Apologize.

You’re always the one that’s too friendly, aren’t you? You’re too nice. Always the one putting more into a relationship than the other person. Growing up, you couldn’t ever stand up for yourself, and allowed others to walk all over you. In elementary school when girls would “bully” you (I use quotes because I don’t know that I’d really consider […]

Go Find Yourself

I recently read a blog post written by one of my favorite photographers, regarding her styled shoots that she does with women to showcase their unique individuality, free spirited hearts, and personalities. They’ve grown in popularity substantially since her first session and now people are taking her ideas for themselves and recreating them. While imitation is […]