At Home Workout for Chronic Illness

I never work out. No more than a little light yoga, and by light, I mean, light. I’ve tried analyzing why – because I used to love going to the gym, doing zumba, and taking walks. And now I just… don’t. Ever. I think reason number one is my anxiety. Being out of breathe, tired, and achy definitely brings […]

Youtube For Yoga

I live in the middle of nowhere and the gyms we do have are .. expensive, to say the least. Not like I would actually have the motivation to go to one anyway, so staying home and working out in the comfort of my own space, wearing whatever the hell I want, and looking as goofy as I need […]

Kayaks in Kitty Hawk

FINALLY! I’ve been dying to go since it started warming up and we finally had the time to. I was pretty adamant about doing this on the Outer Banks because I needed to see the ocean, so we paid a little more to do it there. Kayaking isn’t an expensive thing to do, but at […]