Drink Your Vinegar!

ACV (apple cider vinegar) drinks are some of my favorite morning detox drinks, and it’s not as weird as you’d think, I promise! I use either a mason jar or a plastic venti tumbler from Starbucks for mine, but I’ve seen tons of people use whatever large cups they have on hand. What does this concoction […]

Winter Plaids

Hi Friends! Todaaaaay on W&L I have a new piece from ShopPinkBlush. And by “new” I mean, I’ve been holding on to it since before Christmas because I’m the worst blogger ever, and apparently finding time to shoot is just impossible with my schedule so full of doing NOTHING. Anyways – I was stoked to […]

Think Pink

  WOOP WOOP Happy Friday, friendlies! Today I’m wearing another PinkBlush top – actually I’m in my underwear and a t-shirt but earlier I was wearing this .. because that’s what this post is about. ok. This is the Blue Floral Chiffon Lace Up maternity Top (except online, all I can find is the black one!) I […]

BabbleBoxx Gift Guide

Happy hump day, friends!! Today we’ve got a GIFT GUIDE. Inspired and sponsored by Babbleboxx. Babbleboxx is an influencer marketing platform that gets the most out of brand advertising dollars by combining like-minded brands in one easy box. “BabbleBoxx creates theme-inspired collections that generate brand advocacy through social promotion. The original BabbleBoxx is a bestselling […]

Downtown Aesthetic

I was super stoked to shoot this outfit because for one, it’s finally cold enough to wear a scarf and not die in the process, and two, oversized dresses are my jam lately. This one’s a bit.. real oversized  – but it’s fine because it’s THE most comfortable thing to ever be donned on my […]

Tea Proudly

DISCLOSURE: this shop has been compensated by Collective Bias Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TeaProudly #CollectiveBias   This Bigelow Tea campaign is focusing on “Tea Proudly” and how their brand holds such a deep and meaningful connection to families all over. It’s one of those brands you’re low key loyal to and you […]

You Are All You Have.

Growing up, my dad always told us, “never rely on a man.” “make your own money.” “be your own person.” And those words always sat in the back of my head, of course. He made for damn sure they did, LOL. And it’s not that I didn’t trust his words or judgement, I think I […]

Winter Blues

*Thanks PinkBlush for sponsoring this post!  I’m a little early, but I’m just excited.  I love pretty blues and purples for winter time! This is the Navy Faux Wrap Fitted Terry Maternity Dress from PinkBlush. The material is so comfy and I’m all for pieces that are versatile and can be worn year round. Since […]