ma name’s Kaleigh. KLEE. k. whateva. 

Whalecome to my bloggy blog. If you clicked here, I guess you were curious about me. OOOOOOO LA LA.
I was born in Grand Haven, Michigan and my parents were both Coasties. Long story short, my mom got out, my dad got BACK in, and we moved all about the East Coast, winding up HERE. In North Carolina. Is it home? No. But what military brat has a “home”? Home is where your family is, so I guess home is everywhere.

I have 2 siblings and now that we’re older, we’re all pretty close, which is cool. I have a cat named Maverick except I usually call him “Mav”, “Suga Butt”, or “Chicken”. He’s a real weirdo but I love him so much I can hardly stand it.

I like to say I collect health issues. I have Crohn’s Disease, Asthma, HORRIBLE allergies, anxiety, and I just got my appendix out. It’s a lot of fun, it’s like every day is a new adventure. LOL.

I also like to say my style is a combination of boho and hobo. I like to swim in my clothing and not wear bras.

I pride myself on being able to  accept that I’m just a real ass bitch tryna live my real ass life, OKAY? I’m not out here trying to make my life look like something it’s not which I think the world of social media needs MORE of.

 Being in your twenties is hard, don’t try to act like it’s not. It’s like every time you figure something out, the universe is like, “oh, nope, were you comfortable? Let me fix that.” I’m becoming my own person and learning shit on the way, usually the hard way. I don’t know what I’m doing BUT THAT’S OKAY. I eventually will, and when I do, it’ll be great.

Positive vibes. Spontaneous adventure. Smiles. & Photographing it all.