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I was super stoked to shoot this outfit because for one, it’s finally cold enough to wear a scarf and not die in the process, and two, oversized dresses are my jam lately. This one’s a bit.. real oversized  – but it’s fine because it’s THE most comfortable thing to ever be donned on my bod. It’s from PinkBlush of course – since that’s the only place I get clothes from anymore. Partnering with clothing brands is COOL, you guys. And they have really cute stuff, which is a plus.

*Thanks to PinkBlush for sponsoring this post. xo

You can find this dress HERE – it’s the Grey Short Sleeve Knot Dress. I paired it with a blanket scarf and my big OTBT wedge/mule/clog shoes that I’m obsessed with. I love having these plain jane pieces in my closet because you can wear them with nearly anything which mean limitless outfit ideas and they sort of force some creativity out of you, which I need in my day to day life.

I was really lucky to have Daniel shoot this look for me (Find him on Facebook & his website)  he’s always super fun to work with, and he always makes me look decent – I mean, as a photographer should, I guess. HAHA. He’s just really good at what he does.

Now that the weather is getting into the 50s and below, adding a jacket to this would probably be a good idea. Maybe even tights and boots, and  hike up that knot a little so it’s more of a mini dress than a midi dress on me. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

PinkBlush has a lot of new items on their site for the winter, so definitely check them out and see whatcha like!


xo, k

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