One of the things we KNEW we needed to do while we were in Wilmington that weekend was the Beer & Wine Walk. We like beer. We like wine. It made sense.

Aside from stopping every 5 minutes to take photos at this wall, that stair case, this storefront, that street, we had a TIGHT beer drinking schedule.

So, basically, they give you a map and a bracelet and you stop at each restaurant for your beer/wine. There were 9  stops total and 2 samples per stop which equals to 18 beer samples and each sample varied in size depending on the restaurant. Some restaurants didn’t even care and were like, “if you want more, just come back.” Lookin’ at you Slice of Life. The real MVPs.

The map was a little confusing (or we’re just not that bright) but we kept getting lost/walking into the wrong bars and then just awkwardly walking out.

Hanging out with a photog/blogger is SO MUCH FUN. We’re both the same when it comes to doing things like “omg stop here I need a photo by THAT” and then making someone slam on their brakes for a photo op. There’s no one around to get pissy or annoyed. We just took tons of photos and had so much fun being total weirdos and exploring the area.

Downtown Wilmington is such a pretty area with so much to offer and there is always something going on! We had so much fun meeting the vendors and mingling with new people!

(Homegirl actually climbed up into this window hole for photos.)

I can’t believe I had never done a beer walk or festival like this before – it was SO much fun! And such a great way to explore your taste for different drinks without having to commit to an actual purchase and pint of beer.

Xo, K

*photos by Emerald Tide Photography!

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