As I’ve gotten older, taking care of my skin has become a huge priority! I used to go to sleep in my makeup, in false laaashes – I mean.. the horror, right? My skin is also such a pain, and I’m so innately negative that I always just figure – there’s nothing I can do to make this better, so I’ll just not do anything at all. But don’t be like former me! Take care of your skin!

I always go in first with a makeup wipe to take off the bulk of my second face (lololol) and my eye makeup. I tend to buy these from either TjMaxx, Marshall’s, or BigLots because they can get SO expensive! And I find them cheaper from these places. My usual go-to are the ones from BigLots because you can get them for A DOLLAR – and it’s literally 3x bigger that what’s pictured here. Alllllllll the makeup wipes for me. And they’re like, green tea/cucumber scented which is amaze balls.

Next is Cleanser. I usually go for something with an exfoliant because I have acne scars and I’m hoping if I keep using something that’s kind of rough, it’ll peel off my literal face and I’ll have new beautiful skins. This one has plastic beads which is A NONO. Get something with sand or sugar or something that is biodegradable/natural, like coffee or oats! I was just .. poor and in a hurry. I grabbed the first cheapest thing I saw.

STEP 3! A toner water! I got this from Lush (here) AND I LOVE IT. I’m still not 100% what this is supposed to do for my skin, but it feels so so so good. Despite my face telling you it feels horrible.

Lush’s website says “In a world of technology-loaded cosmetics, choosing a toner with just two active ingredients may seem unusual. But when those two ingredients work perfectly to calm, soothe, moisturize and balance skin, why use anything else? Rose water cools irritations and keeps redness at bay, while lavender helps to balance out the skin’s oils, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Eau Roma is simple, effective skincare at its best!”

I know this is an anti-aging serum, BUT – it’s always important to take preventative measures!! Just like starting your 401k in your 20’s! Work for beautiful skin and savings when you’re young, that way when you’re older, you’re all set!! Do I have a 401k? No. BUT – you get the point.

This stuff smells kind of funny, like tea tree oil, but it feels amazing and the smell doesn’t linger too long so it’s WORTH IT. This stuff is expensive ($65-$95) and when I run out, I’ll probably find something more budget-friendly to use in its place.

I’ve been using this since I was in high school and it’s my TRIED & TRUE, go to face lotion. It’s oil free so it won’t clog your pores, and it doesn’t make my skin feel gunky and weird. It’s light, it smells pretty, and I SWEAR👏BY👏IT👏

I wrote about this lip scrub here – I’ve been using it for about a year and I love it! I tend to pick at the dry skin on my lips so this stuff keeps my lips exfoliated so there’s no dry skin to pick at. And it’s minty and tastes so good and it’s all natural, and it feel so WONDERFUL.

AND voi-là! Clean skin & ready for bed. I don’t have acne now, so I’m not actively treating for acne, but I’m trying to, again, take preventative measures to avoid pimples at all costs. AND I have combination skin which is the worst skin of all because how do you treat OILY SKIN THAT’S ALSO DRY? Does that even make sense? That’s why I use an oil free moisturizer but also exfoliating facial cleansers so I’m like… scrubbing, but also putting moisture back into it? Trying to keep the oils from cloggin’ me up, ya know? 

Okay, I’m done rambling. Any suggestions, leave them below!! I’m ALWAYS open to trying new products!

xo, K


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