Fall is the best for fashion because I feel like it brings a whole new group of clothing items and style opportunities to the table. I’m featuring this cardigan today because Fall is also my favorite time for pattern and texture mixing!

This piece is from Violet Fish , and while a lot of their pieces are totally out of my budget (this cardigan is listed at like $300 – I mean, that’s crazy, right??) Their website is perfect for style inspo. The style of clothing on Violet Fish is on the eclectic side, in my opinion, but it sort of forces you to  open your mind and step out of your comfort zone with what you’re wearing- which I love. You can find this cardigan here. 

I paired this cardigan with a basic olive green crop top from Forever 21, a corduroy floral patterned skirt, and these little brown booties. All of my additional items are pretty basic, so I’ll just link the skirt here.  

I love a crochet/lace cardigan. I think it adds some excitement to an outfit whether it’s a dress or just a tank top and jeans. I’ve owned many in the past, and do think this one is my favorite just because I can tell it’s quality and that it’ll hold for seasons to come unlike my others that are now riddled with holes. FAST FASHION, AMIRITE?!

If you like this look, but can’t afford to throw 300 big ones for a cardigan, I’ve linked some other more budget-friendly options below!


Happy Shopping, friends!!

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xo, K


  1. Love this outfit. Thanks so much for providing comparable options!! Also…where can I get those boots? 🙂

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