Story Time: My First Surgery

If you’re following along on social media, you probably saw I was HOSPITALIZED. *que dramatic music*

I had been feeling a bit off a few days but didn’t think anything of my discomfort because I already have a diagnosed stomach disease. Little pains and discomforts aren’t alarming anymore. But on Saturday I woke up feeling like I couldn’t get comfortable. I wasn’t worried because, well, it wasn’t a sharp pain and as far as I’m concerned, I’m only worried about sharp pains that would indicate a rupture in my intestines.

We got to the E.R. around 10-10:30 am and it wasn’t unti about 4 pm that they took me back for a CT scan, and then 4:30 when they told me it was my appendix. The woman walked in and said, “I have good news and I have bad news”

So at this point, I’m like, “ok, I’m pregnant? I have some sort of cancer? Are my intestines completely blocked?”

And she said,  “It’s not your Crohn’s Disease, so that’s good… but it’s your appendix so that’s gunna have to be removed.”

And after the week I had been having ALREADY – (read here) I was so over my life. Like, of course it’s my appendix. Emergency surgery? Sure! I’ve never had surgery before, throw me into it head first, GO AHEAD.

The surgeon came in to talk to me about the surgery and what he does and why he’s concerned. I take Stelara for my Crohn’s Disease which is an immuno-suppressant aka when I get sick, I’m sick for EONS. If there’s a stomach bug, I’m getting it. And if I am ever susceptible to infection, for example: SURGERY, then I am at a high risk of things … not going so well.

The normal hour long procedure took two since I’m already so inflammed and messed up where the appendix is located anyways. And they kept me in the hospital a day or so longer than normal to make for sure that I was healing properly and not getting a fever.

They took me in pretty fast, and my mom wasn’t even at the hospital yet. Kyle kissed me and he went to the waiting room so he could wait for my mom and switch places with her because he has to leave for a wedding near D.C. WHICH I COULDN’T EVEN GO TO. I mean, shit. I know I complained about the drive but I wanted to go. 

They scooted me onto a really skinny operating table and tied down my legs. Then they spread my arms out onto these rests that they attached to the table. Imagine… Jesus. On his back… in a hospital gown? It was FREEZING in the operating room but I was cool with it because the whole hospital was so warm. The anesthesiologist came in with all the energy in the world, talking like, “WELCOME TO THE PARTY ROOM!”

I asked why the anesthesiologist is always the goofiest one in the room, and he said it was because they sniff gas all day- then he told me he was dizzy… LOL. Then he put a mask on me to breath and asked if I was claustrophobic to which I replied, “eeehhhhhh, I mean….” And then he said I couldn’t be the sassy sarcastic one in the room because that was his job.

Anesthesia is always weird to me because I always try to pinpoint the exact time I’m out. Which is impossible, obviously. But this time it was even weirder because He told me to breathe, and I was, but it felt like I wasn’t? It didn’t feel the same as when you hold your breathe, it just felt like I couldn’t. 

And then I woke up.

I was hurting when I woke up and they pushed as much morphine as they could. I think actually too much at one point, but I’m still here so…

My mom was there when I woke up and she slept in my room with me.

It was the WEIRDEST feeling because I couldn’t use my abdominal muscles at all. Which…. you use them for a lot more that you think! I couldn’t sit up, turn over, move, get up, pee, FUNCTION – without using them at least a little. So it was pretty painful the first day. But every day, coughing, sneezing, laughing, and moving get much much easier.

And anytime a nurse came in to ask how I was doing and if I needed anything for the pain…

I had the sweetest visitors come to hang out with me. He brought his Mario costume and a necklace from his mom’s closet to surprise me with. CUTEST EVER.

I even got a sweet plant from my friends at work.

They did the surgery laparoscopically which means they made a small incision under my belly button and then 2 punctures in my lower abdomen for their tools. This is done for minimal scarring and is apparently like.. less invasive, and better for healing.

It will be a week tomorrow night since having this surgery and they’re already mostly healed. The larger incision will take more time but it’s doing well!

Kyle’s aunt was all about PRIORITIES. Clearly.

He got back from the wedding Monday afternoon and stayed with me until I was released Tuesday at lunch.

If you’re ever caught in my position, don’t fret. Not like you’ll have time to, since it’s an emergency surgery, but… it’s fine. I was so shocked I had SURGERY. I mean, it’s a big deal, I feel like. Especially abdominal surgery when you’re already like, broken. In that area. But Again, it’s been 6 days, and I drove an hour and a half to sit in on a Medicaid symposium for work this morning. So obviously, the healing process is super easy. Which I think a million people told me, but of course, my hard headed self won’t believe it until I see it.

I hope you all have a great weekend, I’ll be staying home in bed. I can tell I’m getting a little worn out being out today like a normal person.. so I should probably not do anything tomorrow or Sunday. Which sucks, honestly. I’m going to have missed THREE weddings. I know I was jokingly complaining about going to 3 weddings in 2 weekends, but shit, UNIVERSE. This was a bit OVER DRAMATIC. ugh.

Maybe I’ll come up with some more content for this blog seeing as how I’ve neglected the shit out of it the last week or two. LOLOLOLOL

Xo, K

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* A complete and total BADASS for handling the cards you’ve been dealt ON TOP of doing life just like everyone else.
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