The trend obsession continues.
One time I was in Belk and this lady was looking through the tops and got annoyed that there were so many OTS tops and she didn’t understand why that was a thing… LOL.
We can switch spots if you want.

Aaaanyways – this dress was gifted to me by Violet Fish Fashion and I’ve been wearing it like crazy lately. It’s so comfortable and flowy which is a huge plus for me, personally.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this on their site to link to, but here are some similar ones from Violet Fish:


And here are some more budget friendly options!


I love the sleeve detail and the tie that goes with it. The only thing I struggle with is misplacing the tie since it’s not actually attached to the dress. This piece is not hot mess approved, just sayin’. But I do love the color for the fall and I paired it with THESE wedges from OTBT – I may stumble every time I wear them but I’m obsessed. Don’t judge me when you see me twistin’ an ankle in the name of style.

Happy shopping, friends!

xo, K


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