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How are you wearing your white in its “off season?”
Did you know there’s an actual reason we say “Don’t wear white after Labor Day?”

This rule was created by snobby elitists so those who were “in the know” could tell the difference between themselves and those who were middle class. So why are we still following this rule from the early 1900s? I have no idea. But it’s 2017, and I’ll most certainly be wearing my summer whites well into the fall and winter!


With that, I’m relying heavily on Clorox Bleach with CLOROMAX to carry my pieces into the new seasons and keep my whites WHITE (& keep my clothes whiter longer*).


I know we’re all a little wary of using bleach because… well, it’s bleach. Weren’t we all raised hearing:


But after sweating in these pieces all summer, getting self tanner on them, throwing them into the grass from the pool, and having them suffer the wear and tear from the sun and all around mistreatment (I’m so guilty of this – half of these pieces have been living in the trunk of my car between traveling and my horrible packing skills), Clorox Bleach will literally save your pieces and save you from buying new pieces (which will save you money!).

And it’s really not a crazy product to use!! And you SHOULD be using it- especially if you plan to take your summer whites into fall like I do! It has a patented technology for the whitest whites, and that’s what we all want.


So how are you wearing your whites this fall? I’m mixing them with my favorite neutrals, bomber jackets, kimonos, and pairing them with my winter pieces to create a season-appropriate look that’s conducive to the cooler temps!

I think it’s time we all rethink our fears surrounding the use of bleach in our laundry routines and opt for Clorox Bleach with CLOROMAX – it can be a real life saver when it comes to our wardrobe upkeep!


Find your Clorox Bleach HERE & wear those summer whites all year long! Target always has you covered.

*based on stain removal vs. detergent alone

Xo, K


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