MAINE: Travel Diary

Finally, right? How come when a post is super long and like.. takes a lot of time to put together, I avoid it LIKE THE PLAGUE?!

Anyways.. at the start of August my mom, our friend Cheryl, and me, DROVE TO MAINE. I mean, we’ve driven to Michigan and Wisconsin plenty of times so it’s not that it was a super long drive, but .. we did it in a day?  So like.. it was long. It took maybe 18 hours? I don’t know for sure because I was conked out in the back seat half the drive, but I swear my mother is a robot because she drove THE ENTIRE WAY. Excuse me. Are you even human?

We spent a couple days literally recovering from the traumatic experience that sitting in a car for 18 hours is, and then we explored/got the tour of little Bangor. We explored a little further East, my mom and I went a little South West – it was a fun time. We ate the entire time, of course. Don’t judge me when I start this post with whoopie pies and ice cream.

Apparently these are a DELICACY here. It’s like the state treat, so people love them. Of course we had to try like every single one they had there? I mean, what else are you supposed to do…?

It was just like cake. Little mini cakes. In whatever flavor your heart desires. And they were like $4 a piece SO CHOOSE WISELY.
“The world’s largest whoopie pie was created in South Portland, Maine, on March 26, 2011, weighing in at 1,062 pounds.”

Gifford’s is famous in Bangor, ME. There’s an entire story you can read about HERE – but I’m not getting into it because this post is already going to be way too long.
Yes I drank that whole milkshake. Yes, I got sick. 

DID YOU GUYS KNOW STEPHEN KING IS FROM BANGOR? I didn’t. My sister is obsessed with IT right now (or has been since.. I don’t know when) so obviously we had to stalk his home and take photos like a bunch of weirdos. Then we went and looked for all the “famous” spots that inspired some key moments from IT  & other books he wrote.

His house was pretty cool – it was gorgeous and his fence had spiders, bats, and webs in it, which was NEATO.

The first picture is the Thomas Hill Standpipe, which was a haunted something in IT, I didn’t read the book, we did this to show my sister. SORRYYYY. The movie was great, I’m just not a die hard fan like she is. We stopped by his radio station, and Union & Jackson where there is the sewer drain that first “caught his imagination” when writing the scene where Georgie gets his arm ripped off. ICONIC.

We walked downtown a bit, got tacos from a man that applauded us from being from NC, where there is authentic Mexican food and then we barely escaped the rain and crowds of people showing up for a One Republic show.

The tacos weren’t THAT impressive, so we went to another place for chips and margs.


We found Paul Buyan too (aka, my favorite paper towel guy.)


Eek. This was by far my favorite part of the trip. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but Sand beach was my favorite part. Aaaaand I really liked that you could drive most of the part and I didn’t have to do any crazy hiking. LOL. It does cost to get into this park, but we got in free since my mom is a Veteran. I think the cost per vehicle is $25.

This place was silly. We don’t usually get to do a lot of touristy stuff while we travel and this was so much fun. We spent a lot of money, ate a lot of food, and walked way too much. But it was so entertaining and we honestly had a blast!

We went to Cherry Stones after Acadia and got lunch. The food was great – the drink was a bit cray cray. Like straight vodka cray cray. Not my cup of tea. I forced my mom and Cheryl to help me drink it. THANKS GUYS.

(The bat moose shirt came home with me.)

In Maine, it’s not weird to buy seafood from a side-of-the-road shack with a few boiling pots outside. So we did.

Also, I learned I don’t like lobster. Cheryl ate most of this. ^

This is a Canadian donut & coffee place so obviously I had to go since I’m obsessed with Canada. It was… just like any american donut & coffee place. BUT HEY.

I don’t even remember what this place was called.. but I found it on google and they said they had a real-life-sized chocolate moose so I mean.. is there even any question?  Of course we went.

This place was GORGEOUS. Like the post cards you see of the lighthouses on the water with the waves crashing on them and shit. This was it. The weather was a little icky so my photos aren’t postcard worthy, but it’s fine. The image will be forever BURNED IN MY MEMORY. Ugh – I loved it.

Also can we just talk about how it was rainy, freezing cold, and everyone around was in sneakers, sweats, and rain coats.. AND THIS IS WHAT I WORE. ^


*Drives all the way to Portland for donuts*

Let’s add this the list of random shit we can find in Maine. This is in the Garmin center in Yarmouth, ME and is actually the world’s largest revolving globe. You can walk up 3 stories to see it from the top, too.

Did you know Maine had a desert? Me neither. So  – a long time ago glaciers gouged out this land and when they melted, they left this huge lake filled with silt. When the lake dried up, it was covered with forest, cut down for farming, due to over farming and over grazing, the plants died and the topsoil literally blew away leaving that glacial silt.

The history is actually pretty amazing. it was $12 a person and we hopped on a little cart being carried by a jeep and got a tour of the “desert”.

The property is privately owned and during WW2, the entire place went out of commission while people were working for the war, and when they returned their shacks and buildings were covered in this silt. They tried to dig them out, but one step forward and two steps back – it kept getting covered back up. There’s a building somewhere 10-15 feet underneath the top and there’s a pole sticking out of the ground to show you were it still sits!

Once upon a time there was a real camel here.

Some of the dunes here are over 90 ft tall, and she was showing us how the trees you see are only a part of what’s really there. Apparently, as the trees grow and the silt gets blown toward them, the branches get covered and become part of the root system. She said some of these trees are 100+ feet tall but you only see a quarter of them.

Cute little diner on the water. 

I sent this one to Kyle, hehe.

Someone told me to go see this place, so I did. The water wasn’t high and the waves weren’t crashing so it wasn’t AS exciting as I think it was supposed to be – BUT – it was a cool thing to see for sure.

Camden, NC / Camden, NJ / Camden, ME
This was a cute little shoppy/tourist place. We were on the hunt for ice cream and we DIDN’T FIND ANY.

Except this place, but they only took cash. Get with the times, River Ducks.

Cheryl’s family lives on this lake, so we spent a lot of time there. The sunsets were beautiful and the water was chilly and calm.

Architecturally, this place was super cool. It was like a dungeon. Most of the time I was asking my mom, “are we allowed to go down here” BECAUSE IT DIDN’T LOOK LIKE IT.

It was really cool to see this place because THERE WAS WAR HERE. LIKE THINGS BLEW UP HERE. SHIT WAS GOIN’ DOWN. And now it’s just so quiet and desolate. I’d hate to be there at night – talk about a haunted location.

Fort Knox was built in 1844 “to protect the Penobscot River valley against a possible future British naval incursion.”
“Maine was repeatedly involved in northeast border disputes with British Canada, and the area between Castine and the rich lumber city of Bangor was invaded and occupied by the British during the American Revolution and the War of 1812”

When they said “truck stop” I was concerned. But this place was the bomb diggity. Pancakes as big as your head, and omelet that has “everything but the kitchen sink” RAISIN BREAD THAT IS SO SO YUMMY AND SAUSAGE. THE SAUSAGE WAS SO GOOD. I mean…. It was so good. We got it to go on our way out too. I ate a belgian waffle in the back of our mini van.

I don’t even know how to end this post. I’m still incredibly overwhelmed with trying to upload 300 photos to this page. How has my page not shut down on me yet?
Anyways – Maine was incredibly fun. I’m so glad I got to go and I got to see and experience what it’s like up there. It’s honestly like a whole different world! The people are different, the culture is different, they have accents, and there are a lot of french people in the touristy areas which was cool. HAHA. I don’t know that I’ll ever go back  but I’m glad I got to tick this off the bucket list!

Have you ever been to Maine? What did I miss that I should’ve seen??

Xo, K


  1. I love this post! My sister moved to Bangor, Maine a year ago and she has shown me some of these places 🙂 I haven’t been out there yet but it looks like you really had fun sightseeing! And I didn’t know Stephen King was in Bangor until she moved there and I am SO JEALOUS! To think – you could just happen to run into STEPHEN FREAKING KING! Yes, I would totally fangirl it up!

    Great post 🙂 I will definitely be stopping back!

  2. Despite not a beach lover I think I am loving the Sand beach which is utterly gorgeous. No matter what I say I can’t find appropriate words to describe the beauty, the rocks, the cliff, I love every bit of it. I can’t believe a place with such a beautiful beach once had a desert..what a nice thing to know!! Loved your post!

  3. Wow, I love all your highlights. We were there last spring but summer would have been way better. We didn’t have much time to hit all the touristy places, but maybe next time! I can’t believe your awesome mom drove all that way!!

  4. Eek! We just were in Maine this summer too! Did almost all the same stuff. Loved it.

    Did you walk across to Bar Island at low tide?? That was surreal!

    Lovely pics. Looks like a great trip.

  5. Those places looks so beautiful and interesting to visit. I will definitely put this on my book mark as my future references to my next travel visit. And those foods looks so tempting and mouth-watering.

  6. There were a TON of photos…Wow. You didn’t leave anything out. But I’m glad you had a great time. Maine is on my Places to Visit list.

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