So I wanted to do two posts for NYC because I wanted something that could serve as a guide but I also wanted to share some stories and funnies from the day! NYC is such a big, diverse, place in a really small area so there’s a TON going on all the time and there are SO many people and opportunities to see shit. We spent a day in the city and this is what happened:

We were walking through Soho from lunch to the Fire Museum and two young boys on bikes come down the street, FALL OFF THEIR BIKES ON TOP OF EACH OTHER, get HONKED at by a van, they bikes get RUN OVERRRRRRR. I mean…. They were laughing but all the bystanders were like “ARE YOU OK.” They kept giggling and said they were fine before hopping back on their bikes and riding away – which were FINE BY THE WAY. They got run over by a van but they were totally untouched. LAWDY DEY BOUT GAVE MY 24 YEAR OLD ASS A HEART ATTACK.

So I don’t do the subway because I’ve always hated the metro in D.C. especially because the red line is ALWAYS crowded and ALWAYS a million degrees which is basically the PERFECT STORM for my anxiety so, yeah, no. I don’t do the NYC subway. I don’t mind taking taxis – I plan to set aside money for that. For my sanity. So we took a variety of taxis with a variety of drivers. One even told us he WOULDN’T TAKE US TO UNION SQUARE. But his cab smelled like piss so it was fine. Except the next one we got into was smelly too. And the driver was weird as hell, like he was on his phone at every light and was not hauling ass like I expect my taxi-man to. He was lingering at lights and not going until he got honked at! So, curious ol’ me, I try to peek at his phone to see what in the hell is so important our timer is running while he’s sitting at a green like. HOME BOY IN IS ON TINDER. You do you, I ain’t gunna disrupt the hustle.

When we were at lunch at my uncle’s place in Soho, a homeless man walked in asking for water. The right side of his restaurant is mirrored so I could see the man come in and people were ignoring him/telling him to leave them alone. This is something that happens all the time in NYC so people aren’t really nice about it. But the man gets a bottle from someone before my uncle came out and just told him it was rude to interrupt people while they were eating. This guy slams his shit on a table and yells, “I AM A HUMAN BEING!!” And my uncle was like, “yeah, but it’s not cool.” They started yelling at each other. It was a spectacle. But apparently a total norm because literally NO ONE was phased by it. Except me. hahaha. My uncle said it happens all the time, but it’s just rude to come INTO  restaurant and bother people while they’re eating with their friends and family.


Ugh, you guys. So we went to the 9/11 museum and I touched on how emotional it was in my guide, but I’m gunna GET INTO IT HERE. Spirits were high when we went in because, hello, New York City, we were excited. But as soon as we walked in, you could just feel a vibe and it definitely brought you down from the hustle of the city and into a mood that was fitting for what you were about to see and hear. It was a mix of preparedness and knowing you just can’t be prepared enough to handle the emotional side of what it is. The way they set up the museum was honestly amazing. They did an incredible job displaying the emotion, but it’s not like it takes a lot to do that with 9/11. They just did so well in how they displayed things, how they walked you through the museum, the music they chose, where they played the phone calls, how they played them, the artifacts they had that no one saw unless they were there helping. It was.. a lot. 

This quote (^) GOT. TO. ME.

“Paris, France is here to help”

We stood and listened to this woman tell us about the escalator and the stairs and their significance and it was incredibly moving. If my memory serves me right, there was a side of the building that the escalator and stairs stood under an overhang and tons of people used this route as a “shortcut” to certain shops and offices near them. This part of the  building saved their lives because they were in the right place at the right time and had the overhang to shelter them from the falling debris coming from above. The stairs in the middle are the stairs and they were plopped right in that spot before the museum was built. The entire museum was literally built around this spot, right here. With the escalator and stairs on the sides.

So obviously we were all taken aback at how emotional this really was, but there was one part that got to me the worst – and it was the beeping. Which I didn’t know about ahead of time what it actually was, but on firefighters, there’s a device called a Personal Alert Safety System that they wear that sounds when a firefighter stops moving. People involved in this absolute disaster talk about how they can still hear it – they can’t get it out of their heads. The beeping went on for days.  Each PASS beeping for each of the 343 firefighters lost that day – I mean, it had  to have been just haunting. So we walked into the room and they had that sound playing, which Kyle recognized immediately. He had to explain it to me, but as soon as he did, I just lost my shit. I actually had to leave. And I don’t know if it’s because he’s a firefighter himself or maybe it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back  but I could not handle it! It was a lot.  If you’ve never heard this before, these are some good sources, just be warned- it’s chilling.

We took the ferry from Rockaway Beach to Pier 11/Wallstreet and it was so nice! I wasn’t looking forward to an hour long boat ride, but it was great!

THE TOP OF THE ROCK WAS THE COOLEST THING I’VE EVER DONE. >> You can read more on what / how it goes HERE. 

WOOP! So there ya have it! A few NYC stories to go with the guide – here.

xo, K


  1. I was born in NY and I haven’t been to NYC since I was 16 and I’m 28. I have been wanting to go back but with my boys being young and planning a trip there, is sort of hard. It’s not cheap to travel to NYC. I do miss it.

    • Kaleigh Reply

      Yeah it’s definitely a pain to visit, I won’t lie. I love it but… it’s exhausting WITHOUT children!
      you could totally do a budget friendly trip there to do museums and stuff though- I’m sure your boys would LOVE that! especially the giant dylan’s candy store. And stay in a different part of NY for sure – maybe even NJ!

  2. What a beautiful post about NYC! As a born and raised Brooklynite and a 9/11 survivor it was fun to read about my city through your eyes. Very smart of you not to try out the subway during this type of weather! I myself fainted at the West 4th stop a few years ago, and was saved by a fellow passenger from falling on the tracks! Glad you enjoyed my city!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      Isn’t always cool to see how other people see something you know so well? Especially because it’s such a big place, everyone kind of experiences it differently. hahaha – yeah, NOT a subway kinda girl. That’s my actual nightmare!! Glad someone was there for you- how scary!

  3. The subway here sucks in the summer! I really hate it so good thing you avoided it! I’m glad you had a great time here. I’ve actually never seen pictures of the 9/11 museum before because I’ve yet to go. It’s just not something I’m ready to see up close after living through it.

    • Kaleigh Reply

      I don’t blame you AT ALL for not being ready – I don’t think you ever will be. It’s not something anyone’s ready to rehash, you know? I was 9, and living in VA, and it still had me sobbing.

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