We Went To Goat Yoga.


I saw our friend Nicole in Florida had done goat yoga and I was so jealous I booked tickets that night for me and my sister to go.

She was NOT as excited as I was, and was trying to give her ticket away to her friends. Apparently she was afraid of goats, hated yoga, and wanted no part in this.

She went anyway. And she LAHVED IT. 

Tickets were $15/person and we went to the Hux Family Farm in Durham, NC. They hire a woman to come teach these classes every week and it was… hilarious.

So we got there and signed in and spent some time visiting with the goats before starting our class. When it was time to begin we all found our mats and we listened to the goat-handling tips and instructions (lol). Then they OPENED THE FLOOD GATES.

There were several goats both big and small, a sheep, and a HUGE dog (more like a pony)

We started with our breathing, went into child’s pose and then continued with our flow, taking several breaks to take pictures with goats, laugh, and fall over.

The instructor was super sweet and would grab our phones so she could get us with the animals during the class.

It was … so hot outside?? I don’t think I’ve ever in my life dripped sweat as profusely as I did that morning. It was so gross but the whole thing was just a really funny and awesome experience.

We were warned about the goats peeing on the mats while we’re doing yoga so the whole time, my sister and I were on the lookout for “the position” we were warned about. Luckily we made it out without getting shit on or sprinkled. At the end we were flat on our backs focusing on our breaths with our eyes closed, and my sister says, “I don’t think I’ve ever felt more vulnerable in my life.”

Any pose that presents you as a flat surface is basically an invitation for a goat to jump on you, and .. they did. It was so funny.

If you’ve never tried goat yoga, I totally recommend it. At least once. I don’t know that I’ll do it again, but it was so much fun. And it’s perfect for beginners or people who have never done yoga before, so don’t be scared! IT’S SO FUN.

xo, K


  1. This is totally hilarious! I absolutely love it! I’m a huge animal lover so I LOVE seeing people commune in a positive way with animals. This is so sweet and I bet the goats-and the people-are all so happy there! Super cute:)

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