As a blogger, I always aim to look my best in the photos/content I create for others or for my own work. I think we can all admit to that, it’s only natural to want to look our best in photos.
But I’m tiiiiiiiiiired, okay? Why do I even do this? I can create quality work without spending an hour on my hair and caking my face far beyond what my “normal” is.. so why do I??


But I was supposed to get photos done today for this Candian Tuxedo post (I’m obsessed) and I had a million other things to do and just said, “y’know what – I’m NOT DOING ITTTT.”

All I wore was foundation, and my hair was still damp from my shower. But it’s fine. I honestly couldn’t care less -this is about how I’m obsessed with mixing jean materials with other jean materials, not what my hair looks like. Which, if I may say, looks pretty darn good for having just clipped it up still wet. And IT WAS FUN. I had fun with this and I think they look just as good as any other thing I’ve posted here.

So, lesson of the day: Don’t ever feel the need to sacrifice your comfort or sanity for your appearance. Always shower, just don’t force yourself into skinny jeans if you’re just not feeling it.

My jeans are Old Navy ROCKSTARS – aka the only jeans this broke-ass girl will wear. They have the best stretchies, variety, and they’re affordable. Find your pair HERE!
My shoes were $5 from Rue21. I’m not a huge Rue21 fan butttt I can’t pass up some of their sales sometimes, I swear. They had all their shoes on sale for $5 and I got 7 pairs. SEVEN. (You can find their sale pageeeee HERE!)
This bag was a Target clearance purchase (I think I paid $22) Check it out HERE.
And this shirt used to be a dress that got on sale for $8 (From Old Navy) and cut in half.

After typing this out, I realize how much of a “broke ass girl” I really am. I don’t know if I’m proud or embarrassed???

Xo, K


    • Kaleigh Reply

      me too! And it sucks because I don’t LOVE the whole fast fashion thing, but damn. I just cannot spend that much on things!!

  1. Chanel van Reenen Reply

    Those jeans look so stretchy and comfy, exactly what I need! Heading to their site now to grab me a pair 🙂

  2. Girl, I am right there with you! Sometimes you have to do things just to keep your sanity. For me, I love doing a makeup-free face and comfy shorts. It’s my favorite outfit for when I have a day of food shoots to do. And I am exactly the same – I do not spend tons on clothes. So I am all about the old navy! Thanks for keeping it real!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      YES! Makeup free is the best. LOL. Thanks for reading!

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