My brother was away in CT for about a week for the AIM program (Academy Intro Mission). Which I guess is like a taste of what it would be like if you were actually in the Coast Guard Academy.

So my dad drove him there and few days later we all met him in NY and then we picked up my brother and headed home the next day!

I’m not gunna lie, New London was… lame. There wasn’t anything there but we did find a cute seafood restaurant that was waterside where my sister helped a goose that was stuck in a semi-enclosed eating area and couldn’t find its way out AND I got to have MY FIRST LOBSTER ROLL.

It was gross and soggy and soaked in butter but not in a way that you think would be delicious. #honestyhour

We had really good ice cream in Mystic though which made up for it, and we got to smell Mystic Pizza which looked awesome. Also, there are a lot of cute little shops there. There was one we went into that had like. every flavored salt and sugar you could imagine, which was NEAT.
But we were like 4 hours from our house in Brooklyn so we were trying to LEAVE after spending all day at the Academy.

The Academy seemed really cool and close-knit. The campus was pretty and from the way he talked about it, it seemed like he had a good experience and wants to apply.

Our time in CT was short and primarily focused on the CG Academy, but being from a Coast Guard family, it was pretty cool.

What else is there to do in CT? If I go back what do I need to do?

Xo, K




  1. I LAUGHED SO HARD when you mentioned the lobster roll. I was expecting a different outcome for sure! LOL! Sounds like y’all still had fun despite some of the not so fun parts. LOL!

  2. Hhahaha I am glad you found a cute seafood restaurant eventhough New London was lame. Judging from your pictures, It looks like a cool place though.

    • Kaleigh Reply

      It was definitely a quiet little fishing town! Not much for a tourist, but still cool!

  3. You captured great shots of New London, your camera is amazing. Did the town have any historical sites that you would recommend seeing?

    • Kaleigh Reply

      umm… Mystic downtown was worth visiting! There’s a better downtown shopping area. New London, not so much, unless you’re super interested in the CG academy, LOL

  4. Wow! London looks a wonderful place. I have always wanted to travel here with my family. And the food looks so delicious.

  5. Sucks that New London wasn’t as fun as you would have wanted it to be but at least you got to have lobster roll for the first time lol

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