Changing the Conversations We Have With Ourselves.

We have conversations with ourselves??


And part of taking life by the balls and being yourself is taking control of that conversation.

There’s a whole world out there waiting for us to take advantage of it, but we aren’t doing that because we’re afraid of rejection, or we don’t think we’re good enough.

Changing the conversations we have with ourselves will make us 100x more open to the things this world has to offer, and more ready to take them on. It will make us unstoppable. 

For years, I dealt with obvious low self esteem, body image issues, and negative self-talk. I would say things to myself like:

“you look like an ogre”
“you’ll never fit in with people like that.”
“You’re not good enough to _____”

And it only made my problems worse. I mean, obviously.

But there’s something beautiful in feeling so down and out, and that’s the realization that the only way to go is up.
You always hear people talking about “when you wake up in the morning tell yourself how beautiful you are and eventually you’ll start believing it” and honestly, I thought it was a load of bullshit.

“I can’t lie to myself”, I’d say.

But that’s not true. You can lie to yourself. At first you’ll feel stupid. – Like, why am I doing this? Later, you’ll feel like everything you’re doing is pointless. Later than that, you’ll feel like your efforts are seriously coming up short – but one day, you’ll notice something about yourself that you like – instead of noticing something you hate. A few weeks later, you might notice two things- until you’re subconsciously choosing to focus and accentuate the good things about you instead of hyper-focusing on the “bad”.

You start having more good days vs. bad days.
You start feeling better in your skin because you’re choosing to see yourself in a positive light.
You start opening up to yourself and others because your self-esteem is growing.
You start feeling more empowered.
And able.

More “I can”s and less “don’t even bother”s.
More “yes”s and less “no”s.
More “taking the plunge” and less “holding back”

All because you changed the conversation.

xo, K

For more information on how talk therapy can help,  click HERE.


  1. I couldn’t agree more. The way we talk to ourselves is so important. I also have dealt (and still deal) with low self esteem, especially when it comes to being a mom. You always feel one step behind. I do try harder now to be positive and encouraging to myself, because I noticed it was rubbing off on my kids.. and that is noooo bueno!

    1. yeah definitely not good, but it haaaappens!! Change starts from within and it sounds like you have got it under control! Keep it up momma!!

  2. Beautifully said. In fact, this year my intention has been to show the same kindness toward myself that I would show to a friend. It’s been one of the hardest (and most rewarding) things I’ve ever done. x

  3. Couldn’t agree more. You have to value yourself first for others to start seeing the real you. As for me I do things on the go, don’t worry too much what the future will bring and don’t really care what others think about me. Works like a charm so far hahaha

    1. absolutely. hahahaha, SAME, GIRL. I feel like when we worry and stress less, about ourselves especially, things just… happen. And they get better.

  4. Having confidence in ourselves is so important, especially when we are surrounded by social media today!! I truly believe that we shape our own future with our hard work. I love the way you have written the article!!

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