TEN Things to do in New York City (+PRO TIPS)

NYC is full of things to do and you can never see it all – BUT there are tons of guides on where to find good food, photo ops, and fun things to do!! Add this to the bunch you read when planning your trip to NYC – there are some obvious ones and maybe some not-so-obvious ones here!!

1. 9/11 MUSEUM

The 9/11 memorial & museum are must sees if you’ve never been to the city. Honestly, it’s something everyone should do regardless of where they live or travel to. If you’re from the US, this is something you need to do. The museum was put together in such a way that you feel the chaos. Most of us may never know what it’s like to feel that kind of fear.. but they did an amazing job showing you what it was like. It was the most amazing museum I’ve ever been in, and certainly one of the most heart-wrenching. The tickets were $24/person but they offer discounts for FDNY, NYPD, PAPD, Military, Vets, and students!


I finally got to tick this off the tourist list! Like I’ve mentioned before, NYC is something you have to do several times to really see it all. Either that, or you stay there for several days and go for a different part of the city each day. But that is just entirely too exhausting for me. LOL. Tickets to do this are $34 a person. You take an elevator with a group of other people and you go the 2nd or 3rd floor to go through security, and then you walk through that floor a little ways past facts about the building’s history, and then you stop to take the photo:

Related image

Then you wait in line and go up to the 69th floor in an elevator with another group! It takes all of 43 seconds to get there and the ceiling of the elevator lights up with graphics and colors! (A great distraction for those who have elevator fears, hi, me.) Once you get to the top, you are free to walk around to any side of the building you choose! The view is amazing. And there’s a Ben & Jerry’s up there too, soo….

You’re free to go back down whenever you want, so it’s not like you’re stuck up there. It was seriously, awesome. I was so giddy!


on 177 Spring St. in Soho, you’ll find Ben’s Famous Pizza of Soho! My uncle actually owns this place so we got the hookup HAHAHA. BUT – oh my gosh was it good! The pizza, the wings, the rice balls. YUM. It’s fast, and it’s AMAZING. AND it was in Men In Black! WILL SMITH WAS THERE. I love me some Will Smith. Lemme walk in his literal footsteps. Hahaha!!


Just… walk through it. Get a salty pimp ice cream & get some flowers from a little bodega. Take shade under the vines, and find some art. It’s such a cute part of the city.


Hailing a cab is having the control. (like, until you have to pay them)



I posted about this on the DUMBO post, but the Brooklyn Bridge Park is amazing! It’s SO pretty and it’s a must-see for sure! 


CLASSIC>> you can get your photo op on the corner of Washington & Plymouth!


If you’re staying across the water, (which I definitely recommend: for your sanity and your wallet) definitely take advantage of the NY Ferry or the NY Waterway! You can take a ferry to the city, and it’s super fun! It was something I wasn’t looking forward to, honestly, but it was GREAT! And the tickets are so cheap!! It was like $11 for 2 round trip tickets for an HOUR long ride!


Mill Basin is a neighborhood in Brooklyn that I think is made up of people mostly of Jewish and Italian heritage aka the food is BOMB. We always come home with more bread than should be allowed, and these olives. YUM.

Also something you can find in the DUMBO post – JOES. This is only the 2nd time I’ve been here, but … ugh. Heaven.


Sorry – Another thing from the DUMBO post! Which this is technically not even DUMBO, it’s just something we did in Brooklyn the day we went there. You can read more about it here. 


  1. CITY MAPPER: City mapper is a great resource for finding your way around the big city. It helped us so much in getting around/finding where things were. Sometimes in the city, GPS will tell you you’ve arrived, when really you still need to walk around the block some.
  2. TRAVEL DURING THE WEEK IF YOU CAN: If this is an option for you, definitely take advantage of it. Rush hour will always be a bad time, but the city is so much better to do when there are a) less people traveling and b) more people in their buildings working.
  3. DO NYC WITH AN ATTITUDE: I do live in the south, but  I was born in the North & I grew up around people in and from New York, so I get how people there are even if I’m not like that.  I got my bad attitude from my daddy. I know it.  But I hear so much garbage from people that visit (from small towns) and they come back talking like they didn’t expect it to be that way! “It was horrible, people are so mean, they didn’t hold the door for me”
    It’s just a different world. It’s such a big city with such a diverse selection of people from different walks of life and cultures. It’s awesome, in my opinion.
    But there’s so much going on and it’s so fast, no one has time to smile at you or say excuse me – yeah it’s not for everyone.. but go with the attitude. Know what to expect so you don’t go, get walked over, shoved aside, and then leave disappointed. . Know your shit before you go. Get down and gritty with the rest of ’em. Hail that cab. And KICK NYC IN THE SHINS.
  4. EAT EAT EAT: Like I mentioned before, NYC is SO diverse. Break out of your shell and indulge in the weird treats, and eat food from different worlds. Take advantage.
  5. DONT BE AFRAID, BE CAUTIOUS: Bad things happen everywhere. But in a city this big, it’s important to be cautious. Don’t be afraid to do and go and experience what you want, but be careful like you would anywhere else. When there is so much going on, it’s easier for things to happen and for people to get away with it. That’s just how it is. As my daddy says, USE POSITIVE CONTROL. Wear a cross body bag. Don’t leave your shit layin’ around.
  6. NYC PLANNING: Make a plan. Here is my NYC itinerary guide  –  a city as big as this, needs  a plan of action. Have one.

xo, K



  1. Omg this is the best. We are headed to NYC in a week and while I used to live there, I am always looking for new shit to do. I really want to go check out DUMBO so I’m gonna be reading your other post on that. Also the MIB/your uncles place sounds incredible and my boyfriend loves wings so we have to try that. And thank you for checking out my blog and commenting! Meant a lot to a newbie blogger like me. Will definitely be reading your blog on a regular basis for sure!



    1. oooo have fun girly!! There is SO much, you know that! It’s literally a place you can go to over and over again and have a totally different experience. THE FOOD THERE IS SO GOOD! I might be biased but YUM. If you DO go, get the wings and rice balls. SO YUM. And of course! I love your writing style – you like to talk real shit like I do! xo

  2. I was hoping to go in September but it will have to wait til next year. Great tips for me to keep in mind when I do go!

  3. I live in New York, currently in the suburbs but used to live in Queens. I thought I knew all the things that one has to do in NYC and all the places one has to go. But reading your posts it looks like I did not know it all 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. I love New York! I have visited a dozen times and even lived there for a summer! You have provided some great suggestions and even some new places that I would like to visit next time I am there.

  5. NYC is next on my places to visit…I am so desperate to go and having read this I just want to visit even more! It looks like the most wonderful place…need to start making some plans!

  6. NYC is the city of lights, oh what can I say about this lovely city. I love how you have covered some unconventional places in your visit rather than the usual city spots.

  7. Ugh!! This is really the best. New York is on my bucket list next year, And I have no idea what sights can be visit. So I have to try your suggestion. Especially the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Grand Army Plaza. Such a nice place to takes pictures. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  8. I love all of this. I haven’t spent too much time in NYC but I’d love to go again and have a week or 2 to explore more. Love the tips, though Top of The Rock looks super scary for me LOL

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