What Do You Do When You Feel Like You Can’t Do Anything?

I’m having the kind of day that is full of things that need to get done, but nothing can get finished.
I need to pay this bill – I get locked out of my online account. I need to register for classes, no one at the school will answer my phone calls. I need to unpack my house, but I’m not sure if I’ll have to clean it again in a couple weeks. I need to organize my work folders but my classroom office is upside down and my home office is housing the entire contents of our actual home. I want to leave my bedroom, but being in the living room literally causes me to go into a sneeze-filled allergy attack. I need to get out of the house, but I hate where we live and there’s literally nowhere for me to go.

So here I am. Stuck in bed with a mile-long to-do list and no way to get any of it done.

I start feeling short of breath, like I can’t fully breath. My head starts aching. I want to sleep, but I can’t because there’s too much going on in my brain to slip into sleep.

So.. what do you do?

For me – I’m here writing about it. Because explaining these kinds of feelings with words makes me feel like the words and anxiety are leaving my soul and going into the universe. Like I’m literally just.. emptying my guts onto this platform and this is where I’ll leave it.

But if you don’t find peace in writing or any other creative kind of outlet, how do you ensure you’re taking care of yourself mentally when you find yourself in sort of a depressive, end-of-you-wits kind of state?

My first tip would be to literally force yourself out of the negative thinking. Obviously easier said than done. It’s so easy to say my town sucks and I have nowhere to go when I feel like I need to leave because it’s in part, true. But if I wanted to be more optimistic about the situation, I could be. So push yourself out of the negativity and find somewhere to go. Find something positive. I may take myself to Starbucks or treat myself somewhere because I am an emotional eater/shopper. I should get a handle on that, actually. It’s starting to sound like an addiction. PROBLEM FOR ANOTHER TIME- I CAN’T DO IT TODAY.

My second tip would be to take a shower. Sometimes when we get into these depressive states, it’s easy to not get out of bed. Not take a shower. Not dress ourselves in ways that make us feel good. Because we just stop caring. Go clean up, put on a nice outfit, do your makeup. Whatever makes you feel good, do it.

My third tip is to breath. If you deal with any sort of anxiety, you know how easy it is to slip into panic mode without any real time to get a grasp on what’s going on. Just breath. One of my favorite quotes I like to tell myself is that “life is just not that hard” because, sure, things get difficult, but in its simplest form, it’s just not. that. hard. To live. Just be. Need to walk away? Do it. Don’t stress over things you cannot control. It’s pointless and only causes harm.

So I’m going to go put on something cute, go buy myself lunch, get a GOOD drink from Starbucks (not one of those sugar-free ones either, cringe at me if you want.) and maybe look at what Belk has on sale. Maybe I’ll even do some yoga when I get home. Because that shit makes me feel good. And there’s no sense in swimming in all of the things I can’t do today.

xo, K

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  1. ooooh girl. I have so been there, i might actually be there this week too lol. I do all three of your tips as part of my stress management and I have a fourth one for you. i make lists. I love lists, they help me calm down and feel like i’m in control/doing something even if there’s nothing i can do. i might list out “things i need to do today” and then break those things down into steps. seeing things written out allows me to cross off things i’ve already done (i totally add completed tasks to my lists so i can cross them off. instant self esteem boost!) and see that i really have done everything i can. It sort of calms down the 1000 mile per hour swirl of thoughts in my mind and allows me to calm down and really assess where i’m at and make a game plan for how to fix it.

  2. I’m with you…some days I just can’t get motivated to do allthethings. But yes – a good shower and strong coffee will get me moving forward. Staying in my PJ’s doesn’t add much oopmh to my day 😉 Yoga is great. For me, a morning run does wonders.

    1. Coffee is key! I am not much of a runner…wish I could be but with asthma and the problems I have with my knees, it’s just been way too hard to get into !

  3. THis is exactly how I feel today! I just can’t! So much to do and I just can’t! I love your 3 tips and they are right on. I have to remember to just breath! It will be ok! Time for me to finally take a shower, breath, and then I am also going to treat myself to a yummy cup of coffee (The good stuff!) You can do this! Thanks for the encouragement! I am sure others need this today too!

    1. hahaha yes! Just BREATHE! but I totally relate to “so much to do and I just can’t” Like I just need to go take nap!!

  4. I’m 10000% on your side with this! I’ve been there, done that, and done it again and again way too many times to count – and it sucks! I always find that showering and just GETTING AT IT gets me out of any mood. Good music, sunshine, coffee, laughter, yep that’ll do it!

    I hope you feel better soon, Kaleigh!

  5. Yes I do have days like that sometimes. What I do is unhealthy though. I usually just crash and decide to do nothing. But then that ends up making me very depressed. Your tips are definitely way better. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh girl! I know this too well! My little one starts school Wednesday.. my 1 1/2 year old is in physical therapy.. and starting occupational therapy and speech therapy i have anxiety really bad when im stuck doing doctor visits all day! Hang in there!

    1. Oh no! I totally get that with my chronic illnesses and everything. ALWAYS at the doctor. That’s such a scary thing to step into but have faith!! I work closely with a speech therapist who works with preschoolers – some who also get OT & PT – and we’ve seen amazing growth in some of our kids that get all 3! 🙂 And you’re starting so early with your baby! The earlier the better, always!!! I’ll be praying for your little ones! xo

  7. Lately I felt a lot like this. Lots of lists of things to do but then, not doing them! Thank you for such great tips!

  8. Well, I know how that feels. What I do sometimes is to take a bathe, go out for a walk with my notebook to sort things out… take a breather and start from new and afar. It’s difficult when you are within the storm, so what I do is to get out and try to watch it from afar!

  9. I’ve been there too. We should always think positive about everything that we do. Let’s not think that we can not do all we can. We should motivate ourselves. Do not down ourselves in everything. Just THINK POSITIVE avoid NEGATIVE THOUGHTS.

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