I know Mondays are the crap-fest day of the week, but CHEER UP! Mondays are new days just like any other, and they are fresh beginnings!! 

Go into this week with a clear head & a positive heart! You got this!!

Aaaaanyways – today I’m sharing some photos from our week on Topsail Island. I’m so in love with this part of North Carolina, and Kyle and I can’t wait to move here!! We’re beach people, and being there literally changes us. It’s amazing, really.

Shoutout to Pura Vida Bracelets!

It was Colten & Chloe’s first time at the beach – aside from it being super hot, I think they liked it!!

The giant pink flamingo was a hit, too. Not only was it useful in keeping me off the sand while I tried to soak up some sun, it was super fun to ride waves on! The younger boys loved it too. Aunt Kaleigh had to hold on to that giant thing as the waves crashed into it, sending them up and down, and into uncontrollable laughter.

We brought our Gopro on this trip, of course. Kyle had a blast body surfing the waves (and eating shit) trying to get the coveted barrel shot. I’d say he did pretty well with this being his first time ever attempting it!

We took the paddle boards and kayaks onto the Inter coastal waterway for a less wavy-rough ride. It was still hella windy, so we got our workout on for sure.

The days were hot, but the nights were beautiful. It was breezy, cool, and the light was just amazing!

Kyle’s mom always plans this trip during the week of the full moon.

Peach margaritas ON DECK!
We used frozen peaches, sugar, peach schnapps, tequila, lime juice, and sprite. SO GOOD.


And of course, we had to visit a pier. Going on piers is one of my favorite things ever, and I think it’s because of the perspective. It’s so different than what you usually see when you go to the beach. I love being above the waves, so far into the ocean without being in the ocean. I don’t know. It’s just something I love to do.

Every day, the guys would go out and set up the umbrella village.

We ate so much good food – our favorite place being Shaka Tacos! This place was so chill and the people working there were so nice. It was a great place. And the food was amazing, too.

Legs or hotdogs? HAH.

This was another great place we ate at! Fractured Prune is a lot like Duck Donuts – hand dipped, yummy combos, etc. I personally can’t get enough of the maple bacon. From either store. I love it.

Our annual sea food boil! 

I think we visited every ice cream joint on the island??? My fave was beach bunny, I think Kyle probably loved the Thai place the best.

It was a great week, as USUAL. We love the beach, and going with the whole family is so much fun. Especially as this family grows – each year we have new little guests! And next year we will have TWO new ones!! Kyle’s mom has requested new babies every summer which puts Kyle and I in line for 2019. LOL. We’ll see, MiMi..

Xo, K


  1. Ahhhh! I can’t wait for beach days again. We’re in the middle of winter here in New Zealand so I’m longing for summer.

    • Kaleigh Reply

      Ugh they’re the BEST! And that’s right! I forget we’re on opposite sides of the world. Do your winters get cold there??

  2. Ohhhh that mini pep talk in the beginning was so needed!

    I scrolled through this blog with the biggest smile on my face! All of your photos are stunning, and it looks like you all had such a fun time! It got me excited for my vacation back home to Hawaii next month!!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      hahahaha, I needed it too girl!! Thank you so much! It was so much fun! And I’m so jealous your HOMETOWN is Hawaii!!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      Right? It’s been a struggle. And thank you!! I got them from pura vida & Minerals and matter!

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