Happy Friday funky party people!

So lately I’ve been totally obsessed with dresses, especially for the summer. They’re easy to throw on, and I can wear spanx under them to keep my legs from chaffing which has SAVED my life since we’ve been in NYC. It’s so hot this week, and we’ve been walking a lot, so thank God for spanx. LOL.

This dress in particular I’m obsessed with because it’s really.. different. From what I usually wear, that is. I tend to gravitate toward neutrals and things that are less girly but when I saw this, I knew I was going to LOVE it!

I am over-the-shoulder obsessed lately as well, so this dress fit the bill. It comes down to mid-thigh/right above the knee which is perfect for me at 5’7″.

AND I HAVE HOPPED ON THE EMBROIDERY TRAIN, GUYS. I keep seeing this trend with tees, jeans, shoes, etc. And I haven’t been the biggest supporter, but this dress changed my mind. I think it’s so damn cute.

I got it at TJMaxx for maybe $16?? I LOVE TJMaxx and Ross and Marshalls and I am always on the hunt for a bargain. This was definitely a WIN!

Here are some similar options if you’re into this look:




It’s a super comfy material and did so well in the sweltering NYC heat. IT WAS SO HOT.

Like the underboob sweat was RAGING.

I hope we all had a great week! I’ll have some fun NYC stories for you guys soon, it’s been a FUN couple of days!!

xo, K


  1. the sophia diaries Reply

    Omg, that dress looks gorgeous!!! I love how your friend/sister made an appearance! And dresses like those always good for the east coast heat haha

    • Kaleigh Reply

      Thank you!! That’s my sista!! hahaha. But yes, the east coast heat can be UNBEARABLE.

  2. $16!?!?! I love it so so much! The floral detailing is sooo pretty and I’m obsessed with off the shoulder pieces.

    • Kaleigh Reply

      RIGHT! I am obsessed with off the shoulder too. It’s a problem.

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