Blogging: Being A Responsible Influencer.

I am not a walking advertisement.

I realize that having followers on social media is a coveted thing to have and it brings a lot of opportunities – brands and businesses are realizing the direction we’re headed in, and it’s online.
It’s not TV anymore. Social media is where it’s at. It’s where everyone is. That’s where the most influence is going to come from with advertising, and they look to people with big social media followings and blog platforms to do the work and bring in the most people.
Those people advertising the ~*~amazing~*~ lace up sticky bras? The scent bird subscriptions? ALL INFLUENCERS. Youtubers, Instagram models- They get paid big dollar dollar bills y’all to post that Instagram photo, make that video, write that post, etc. Why do you think it’s LAW that we disclose whether or not we’ve been paid or compensated??? So you, the reader, can take our shit with a grain of salt when you actually consider buying whatever product we’re promoting.

And all of that’s fine. I love doing sponsored work – And I know a lot of bloggers and influencers that are true to their niches and only promote things that fit with their brands. And I LOVEEEE that. I take their opinions 100x more seriously because I know in my heart it’s something they truly love. I can sense it in their words and the effort they put into their content.
But I mean, getting PAID to write about something??? To take photos? Free clothes?? Free makeup? That’s a dream! It’s fun for a lot of creative types so we look at it as easy money, a way to get some extra cash- all for a photo on Instagram or a quick write up on the blog.

But I think it’s also important to note the responsibility that comes with this kind of job. Because it is a job! We’re responsible for making products look a certain way to others. We’re content creators. I think it’s so important that when it comes to that,  that we’re honest. I’ve lost several opportunities to continue working with brands because of my honesty, but I’m not going to lie to the people that read my shit or look at my Instagram – I’m just not. It’s not me, and being that I take myself seriously as a blogger, I’m not going to just bullshit my way through a blog post about something I’m really just not that crazy about. WHO DOES THAT BENEFIT??

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s not. about. the money. Being a “creative” is something you do because you love it. Why do you think the term “struggling artist” is so well known.
And those that take themselves seriously won’t sell out for cash. They just won’t.

Be a responsible influencer. Don’t lie to the people that trust your opinions. Stay true to your niche and your beliefs. Good things come to those that hustle and stay true to their intentions and motives.

xo, K



  1. Indeed, blogging is very rewarding. Anything great and or interesting comes with responsibility. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. I really love your blog. So happy to have found it. And you’re right.. there is a responsibility that comes with blogging. Few care about unbiased opinions and only care about cashing checks and monetizing 🙁

    1. Thank you! SO do I! And yes, absolutely!! I don’t get how people can live with lying to people who take their influence seriously! Just for money?? And yes – can’t lie to yourself!!

  3. I am new to the blogging world. I would love to one day be an influencer. I completely agree with you about it being an imporant job that should not be taken lightly and you should not lie to your followers they trust you.

    1. You can do it! And it’s really fun to get PAID & get free things. It’s so awesome! But you don’t have to take all the opportunities that come to you. Only take the ones you truly care about!

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