Sunflower Fields

I have been seeing this field everywhere online but never had the chance to see it for myself. I’ve loved sunflowers since I was a child, and I think my dad even grew them when we were little? I’m not totally sure. But yellow is my favorite color, so obviously I needed to see this field!

This field is along the Neuse River Trail right outside Raleigh. I believe its around mile marker 23-25? And the flowers peak in mid-late July. You can follow the #neusesunflowerwatch hashtag on Instagram and keep up with what they look like and when to visit! 

There IS a white fence that keeps the flowers separated from the street. I am not 100% sure that you are allowed to go past this fence, but everyone was doing it. I know that’s a poor excuse. But that combined with my not having seen any signs discouraging me from doing so, and my total desperation for photos in the field had be squeezing under that fence anyway.

It was literally a DREAM. I loved it so so much! 

My sister had to work at 3 so we had to be back to her place by 2. We were RUSHING to get there and get photos and get back because I was going to be gone all the following week and then we’re headed out AGAIN for the NEXT week, so we wouldn’t have had time to get pictures before they were gone. It was our only chance!!  & totally worth it.

Sunflowers are my favorite second to Tulips, and seeing a sunflower field was on my bucket list (as is a tulip field) but this was so much more attainable than going to Keukanhof.

xo, K



    1. Thank you!! It was SO fun! I used to do more photography before I started blogging, and this was always on my list. Really glad I got to do it!

  1. omg I love sunflowers too! Where I live they have them at shelby farms.. I have been meaning to do a photoshoot out there but it’s been 110 degrees here which I am so staying inside, lol! I love how photogenic you are! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a lovely field. I love sunflowers, and would be tempted to visit this field, too. They are gorgeous flowers, and they do bring a smile to my face when I see them. I’m glad to have fun on this adventure!

  3. The photos are beautiful. There is a sunflower field a couple of miles from my house and I pass by it everyday going to and from work. People stop along the road to take pictures.

  4. This is so gorgeous! I’ve never actually seen a sunflower field – it just looks so bright and happy. What an amazing spot for some photos!

  5. Those sunflowers are beautiful! I am going to have to add that to one of my places to visit! I absolutely love your first picture! So pretty 🙂

  6. Seems like you had fun trespassing ; ) and exploring the sunflower field. We have had a few sunflower plants in our garden, but I haven’t yet been amongst such a lovely abundance of these yellow beauties

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