DICED Raleigh (Salads, Wraps, & Bowls!)

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Today I’m writing about my favorite thing – food. I went to Diced with my sister a while ago for a quick early dinner and it was good enough for me to take a picture and post to Instagram. Fast forward a few months, the people at Diced slide into my DMs and invite me for lunch! And I was like, LUNCH? FOR ME? Yes please.

So we arranged a day and I went back!

FIRST. OF ALL. AP & Michelle are the sweetest and most down to Earth girls you will ever meet. They were so nice and fun to talk to. We talked about food, my weird dietary needs, and we took selfies.

SECONDLY. Food.  They have a menu of signature combos for bowls, salads, and wraps! But feel free to DIY it when you go in. They offer several different bases too: rice, quinoa, iceberg, kale, a blend of different greens, and a few other options. Chicken, shrimp, turkey, bacon, ham, tofu, etc. And SO MANY VEGGIES. Also, they have a section of toppings called “crunchies” and I’m obsessed with that. If I didn’t sound like a child doing it, I’d add “ies” to every word in the dictionary. (anyways, you can see their menu HERE)

They also have wines and KOMBUCHA!

Since I have to stick to low-fiber, I got rice, parm, avocado, chicken, and tomato, with the new lemon tahini dressing. (which was really good, by the way)

I think I could eat Parmesan & rice for every meal and I’d be cool with it.

My sister got a blend of greens with corn, avocado, chicken, mozzarella and some other goodies I can’t remember.

We both LOVED our lunch concoctions that we got to put together ourselves.

What I love about Diced, that I JUST learned when we went back, is that Diced is locally owned and all their ingredients are locally grown. They even make all the dressings! Michelle, the owner, literally makes it herself. She was telling me stories about how people will come in and suggest that she “asked Diced” about whether or not certain things are actually gluten free, and she’s like, “well, I made it myself, so…”  hahaha.

I love to eat and shop local so I’m really glad that it’s rising in value among people in general. I love meeting business owners and hearing about all the hard work they put into what they do. I mean, just working with Wildlight&Lush, I know how much satisfaction comes with seeing my work posted live, or having people commend me on what I do, so it’s got to be insane and so cool to have something tangible, like Diced, to go to every day!

Now I’m going to address what everyone is probably thinking: Diced??? Isn’t that just like Chopt??

And the answer is NO!! The concept may be the same but the ingredients are different. The feeling you get when you go into each one is different. The personable vibes you get from the employees are different.

The people at Diced want you to have a positive eating experience and they make sure you get that, right down to letting you test their dressings and ingredients before committing to anything. AND they ask how small you want your salad cut up before serving it to you.

Some of the complaints I’ve heard AND read about Chopt have a lot to do with their employees, inconsistent service, food quality, how expensive it is, and that they chop the salad EITHER into the TINIEST pieces – to a mush, or not at all! All of these things depend on location, of course, and really are just things that happen in franchises. The bigger it gets, the further from the true vibe and goals that it was intended to have. 

At Diced, Michelle still has her hands in everything that goes on, so you know it’s exactly what she wants for her restaurant – and it’s amazing!

You can read more about what sets Diced apart HERE!

“At DICED, we are passionate about the the choices we make in the food we eat. We believe in transparency and as a local business, we really believe in fueling our community with the freshest + cleanest food available. We know you care about what you eat, so we would like to share part of the DICED story with you.”

100X YES.

You know I’m all about transparency on my blog and in life, so when I read this on their website, I was super excited. I love sharing these kinds of things with you guys because they make me EXCITED and they make me love it even more. Transparency in a world that literally functions on lies legit makes my LIFE. I know it’s a bit deep for “somewhere you just go to get lunch” but where we spend our money is IMPORTANT. And especially if you’re a strugglin’ young adult trying to spend responsibly, it’s good to know your money is going to a) a good cause, b) people that need or deserve it, or c) to a place that shares you values!

They are so honest and upfront here, and I love that. They literally grill the chicken in the back. They make their own marinades and dressings. THEY MARINATE THEIR KALE TO BREAK DOWN THE FIBER MOLECULES.

“This is what sets DICED apart from other restaurants. We want to connect people with good food and to bring all of your favorite flavors to you in a healthy revolution.  In turn, we hope for the future with a generation of food-lovers, fewer diet-related diseases and for a healthier and tastier life!”

I mean…  They literally put their hearts and souls into what they do there and I love that. Both AP and Michelle have backgrounds in physical fitness, health, food chemistry, and how all this shit works inside us. They paid attention to that stuff and they carefully curated the menu to make the best impression on not just our taste buds but on how our bodies feel when and after consuming food.

LOCATIONS: They currently have 2 locations, one in Cary and one in Raleigh. And they were talking a little bit about wanting to expand. After speaking to them and getting to know them a little, I got right on board with the excitement of their business ventures! They are just the kinds of people you want success for.

If you happen to visit, use the hashtag to connect with them on social media! ^^

If you live in the Raleigh area and have yet to try this place, definitely put it on the list! If you happen to be visiting, have a layover at the airport, or just have never heard of it, definitely consider paying them a visit!

Xo, K


**I did receive compensation in exchange for this post; all opinions are my own!! 


  1. Why can’t I be local!?!? I love salads, they are so filling. I have a thing about mixing textures and totally jealous of your meal. Sounds like a great place, and fresh.

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