As you know, I love, love, LOVE a good self tanner.

I’m also trying my very hardest to be as sun-conscious as possible because since I’ve started taking Stelara, I have been SO sensitive and I burn literally in minutes. Which makes it a lot easier for me to worry about sun safety and limiting my exposure. (you can read about safe tans here!) Before all this, I had to be outside for hours and totally unprotected to burn at all.

Now that I stay lathered in SPF 50 any time I plan to be outside, getting any color is a little harder and takes a little longer to accumulate. So I’ve been using my self-tanner like a MAD WOMAN.

I came across this stuff at my local Walgreens and decided to give it a try. I have been a veeery loyal St. Moriz user, but I don’t have an Ulta near me to get it, and Kyle haaaaaate hates hates the smell. I can deal with it, but I’ve had to start only using it when he’s at work because he just cannot stand the smell.

SO – I’ve been sort of pondering different brands, and thinking about my next move for a new self tanner. I’m always weary of purchasing self-tanners from drug stores because my experience has always been… rather orange. But I haven’t used any drug store brand self-tanners in a long time so I decided to try it again!

This time I bought the Jergen’s self-tanning mousse and OOH LA-LA.

I was nervous because when you pump it out it’s orange and very thin. The foam isn’t as thick as what I’m used to using with the St. Moriz andddd even though it says it “dries in 60 seconds” it stays relatively sticky?  But it smells 100x better and I love the color it leaves after I rinse it off!

I purchased deep bronze but it does come in a lighter shade. There was no orange tone left on my skin, and I feel totally glowy, ANDDD I match my makeup that I accidentally bought a shade too dark. Woops.

It was a couple bucks cheaper than the St. Moriz (about 12-13$) and much easier for me to buy since I have a Walgreens here in town!

How do you feel about self-tanning? Do you do it?

xo, K


PS. hashtag notspon – I just really like itttt. (but hey Jergens, HMU)


  1. I once used something similar but I couldn’t stand the smell. I was happy to find out that this product doesn’t have that issue.

  2. I have always been afraid to try self tanning for the fear of the orange… But I do like Jergens in general. So… I might have to try this!

  3. Yup, I self tan 😀 It’s so much easier than spending hours in the sun getting all sweaty and nasty. I’ve never tried the Jergens one though, I’m was also afraid of the orange thing. I’ll have to see if I can find it here. Thanks for the head up Kaleigh

  4. Does this product test on animals? I have tried sunless tanner in the past and I always end up streaky.

  5. I hear self tanners can be good for lessening stretch marks too. I may have to give it a try. 🙂

  6. I use a self-tanner on occasion as well. You are right about both the smell color of some of them. I do like Jergens products so this sounds like it should be worth a try.

  7. I’m all for self-tanning lotions, since the sun is so bad for skin. However, I’m a runner who can’t help but be in the sun logging miles upon miles (wearing loads of sunscreen)… so getting tan is par for the course in summer months.

  8. I’m always on the hunt for a great self-tanner. I’ll have to pick this up next time I’m at the grocery store.

  9. This is an awesome self tanner! I was paying $50 for smaller bottle of a different brand at Sephora and honestly liked the Jergens even better.

  10. Its always interesting to me how asians want to be fair whereas you guys wanna be tan! I’ve never tried self tanning cream as I didn’t want to be tan!

  11. All I need to do is spend 15 minutes in the sun and I’ll be 3 shades darker, so the thought of spending hours in the sun like you do, makes me shudder.

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