Snowshoe was a shit show.

Now in the Winter, it’s a different story. I had a great experience skiing there a few years back, so I thought, “oh, a mountain top summer trip? Sounds GREAT!”

We were all so excited, planning our activities, what we wanted to see and do, etc. I spoke on the phone a few time with different people trying to get my questions answered because their website is SO hard to figure out and follow! It’s not easy at all to navigate and I was getting frustrated.

The few times I called, the people were always super nice and very helpful. I told them when we would  be there and what we wanted to do, but I seemed to get a different answer about things from every person.

Kyle and I got there a couple days after everyone else because he had to work and when we got there, we found out the entire mountain was shut down for a bike race. Oh, cool. That would have been nice to know, oh I don’t know, WHEN WE BOOKED AND PAYED A LOT OF MONEY FOR A HOUSE? Or maybe when I called a million times to ask questions AND MADE A POINT TO TELL THEM WHEN WE’D BE THERE?

Truth be told, a nice view and family is all we really needed and it was all we were going for. But you go expecting to take advantage of all the fun things there are to do in Snowshoe, and you find out you’re all paying $500 PLUS to sit in a house and take a lot of naps. It would have been nice to know so we could have pushed back our dates or figured out a plan B, that’s all.

So Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we couldn’t really do anything. We sat around, hung out, slept, ate, took a lot of photos. The scenic overlooks at Snowshoe are really awesome because the resort is at the very top of the mountain. And Cass, at the bottom of the mountain, has a railroad that goes up and back down the mountain. Apparently it was really boring. Kyle and I paid to go and then left because I had been sick the last 2 days and was anxious about not having a bathroom or being able to leave if I needed to. So we left: me in tears, and Kyle not even mad because he didn’t want to ride the train anyway.

On Wednesday, I was on a liquid-only diet so I was exhausted and pissy. But I knew we’d be going to the lake the next day, so I was excited.

On their website, it states you can purchase a 1-day lake pass for 40$ + 30$ to rent anything when you get there. OR if you’re a family, there is a 99$ family pass for 2 adults and 2 children. When we went to buy our tickets, we were told we could all do the family pass and that it included the rental fee. We saved a lot of money doing this, but it seemed like they were just making shit up as they went… like all week. One person would tell us one thing, another would tell us something else.  We were even told the mountain bike paths would be closed, but we found out they were open.. Kyle was so mad – that was literally the only thing he wanted to do while we were there.

The lake was cool. It was more of a large pond than a lake, but whatever. We got to take out the paddle boards and kayaks which was a lot of fun. The sun was warm which was a nice change from the cold wind at the top of the mountain and the water was so calm. I finally stood up on the paddle board and I really have no idea how people manage to do yoga on those things?? I mean.. I could swing some downward dog, or sun salutation, but I’d fall in in a heart beat trying to attempt anything more. The lake also had a jungle gym thing equipped with trampolines and other obstacle course type blow-up things. The area had hammocks, a playground, and a little sand beach with chairs and umbrellas. It was a nice little spot. The boat house was closed, shocker, where you could typically buy beer and food. And we were required to wear our life jackets the entire time, which I thought was weird. You don’t force me to wear a helmet when I’m flying down your mountain on a pair of skis I’m unfamiliar with but I have to wear a life jacket WHEN I’M ALREADY FLOATING ON A FLOTATION DEVICE? “Can we just secure them to the boards?” “no, it’s a liability matter.”  k, homie. k.

When we got hungry, we called the shuttle to come get us, and we went back up to the village to eat lunch. We went to The Junction place – I can’t remember the exact name. The food was pretty good considering it was a resort and you expect those kinds of restaurants to be expensive and not that impressive. We got fried goat cheese, mac n’ cheese & chicken, and the french dip sandwich. We we’re pretty satisfied and considering we both drank, our ticket really wasn’t too badly priced. I will say, though, being a party of 16, you’d think we’d have more than one server – they even said we’d have 2. But the woman was arguing with them, claiming “she could handle it”. As expected, half the group got their appetizers 10-15 minutes before we did, when we all ordered at the same time. And she left our entrees sitting on the bar while she chit-chatted it up and half our group was already eating. Then she proceeded to check the ticket like she was making sure it was ours when we were the only ones there. To make matters even more frustrating, she added a liquor fee to one of our people’s tickets, but no one else’s?

Maybe I’m just looking  for shit to be mad about because no one was given the courtesy of being told the mountain would be closed during our stay. Of all the people involved in the booking, and all the phone calls that were made, no one bothered to say one thing to us about it being completely shut down. And then we still had to pay for everything we did? Like where’s our discount? We’ve put thousands of dollars into coming here aaaand no one wanted to tell us you were  closed? HOW WERE WE EVEN ALLOWED TO BOOK A HOUSE?

OH – and how about the almost constant construction going on right at our driveway? We had to ask them to stop so we could leave. I mean, it makes sense that they’d be working on the roads WHILE THE MOUNTAIN WAS CLOSED, but maybe Snowshoe staff members could have mentioned that to people booking houses on their mountains so no one would be inconvenienced.

On top of all of this, I was sick as I mentioned before, luckily God answered my prayers and my episodes weren’t as bad as they typically are. One of my cousins wound up with strep throat so they had to ride over an HOUR to the nearest pharmacy. Then a couple days later, their car stopped accelerating up the mountain, so they had to take it to the nearest dealership, which was, you guessed it, about an hour away. When I say it was a shit show, I meant it!

Now that I’m done complaining – It was a nice few days we got to spend with our family. We only get to see them once a year, so it seems like everyone changes so much in the time between. Especially the little ones!

We got to make vinyl stickers for our cars with my aunt’s Cricut machine, and my cousin bought a wood burning tool so we got to mess with that, too which was really cool. There were a lot of laughs, fighting over wifi, and meals with a view. Even if some of them were liquid meals. Painting nails, playing board games, braiding hair, and Oreo-binge eating while laughing about how horribly easy it is to just polish off an entire row.

The moral of the story? I don’t think the people at Snowshoe know what they’re talking about. Or they at least need to get on the same page and make it a rule to inform their guests of shit like ENTIRE MOUNTAIN CLOSURES. Update their website.  Y’know, actually, they need to just to a complete website overhaul to make it easier to figure out. (I freelance & I’m for hire, hmu.) The woman I spoke to even said it was a disaster. Oh, and maybe actually answer our questions with the right answers when it comes to THEIR OWN MOUNTAIN RESORT AND RELATED ACTIVITIES. SHIT. I’M HOT.


BUT. It was nice. It was breezy and beautiful. And everyone was chill and making the most of it.

But Snowshoe, you’re on my shit list.

Not that you care. I’m sure you’ll still pull mad cash regardless of our shitty experience. But I had to just let you know, from one adventure enthusiast to one adventure-enthusiast-resort.

Not impressed.

xo, k



  1. Couldn’t agree more! Now we know for the future to avoid mountains and stay near civilization! Lol.

    • Kaleigh Reply

      YES absolutely!! The Michigan lake house was BY FAR the best!

  2. Thank you for writing an honest review!!!! I don’t see a lot of bloggers writing reviews about what they don’t like so this was really refreshing. I”m sorry yall had such a rough time but i’m glad you made the best of it and got to enjoy your family!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      absolutely! Thanks for reading! And it was honestly fine – I just like to complain. and I was peeved no one said anything until we got there about EVERYTHING being closed! ugh. It was nice though!!

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