A Lifestyle Blog, by definition, is a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests. A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated from their personal interests and daily activities. 

So why are so many “lifestyle bloggers” exactly the same? Seemingly reading from some sort of script. Writing in a way that seems fake, unnatural, and uncomfortable to read.

I’ll be 100% honest – I draw inspiration from a million different places, people, and things. I feel as a human, its my job to be inspired and to find things to be inspired by. I wouldn’t know how to get through the day if I didn’t. And at the same time as human, we’re typically heavily influenced and shaped by our surroundings – that’s totally normal!

But there’s a difference between drawing inspiration from others and being a clone. 

How can you possibly explore your own creativity if you’re using graphics created by someone else and copying layouts, photo style, and content ideas? How will you grow as a writer if you use the words written by other people?  How will you enjoy anything if you’re constantly running from one thing to another trying to squeeze in as much as you can in what little time you have just to feel like you have a leg up on someone or to “look perfect” online?  You .. don’t.

Blogging is creating. It’s content creating inspired by our own interests, our own lives, our own “lows”, and our own experiences. So in theory, all our blogs should be different, and inspiring in their own ways, right? EVEN between those of us that are very similar in lifestyles and hobbies. Because while we may be alike, we are not the same.

Create from your heart, your own mind; just enjoy life and the flow of time, and mesh yourself together with all the things you love and are inspired by – you’ll be seriously amazed by what comes of it. Not just with your website.. or your instagram feed- but with your life.  Lifestyle blogging is supposed to be a depiction of our lives, right? So whyyyyyy are there so many people curating THE SAME false sense of “perfection” for the sake of presentation? In this day where technology is so all-consuming, being insincere online is the first step to completely losing your reality.

Be your damn self, be honest, and be vulnerable. Especially with a lifestyle blog. People looking for advice, opinions, and tips don’t want a robot typing at them with false interest in the content they’re creating because it doesn’t inspire them. They want something real and honest. Something they can resonate with and feel comfortable reaching out about.

Just some food for thought, bloggin’ babes!

xo, k


  1. You are absolutely right! I have noticed that a lot of lifestyle blogs looks the same or care more about presentation than content. Good for you for being original!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      yes, exactly!! The design side of me loooove the presentation but that’s not the only thing that matters! Thanks for reading!

  2. Love this post. This is a great message to remember with everything in life. Yes, learning from other bloggers can be helpful when you are just starting out. However, you don’t need to copy and paste everything they do.

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