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Now that you’re here, this is a post about self-love and finding inner peace in acknowledging our insecurities.

There are so many little things we do subconsciously because of our insecurities that we don’t even realize. A lot of us don’t notice these things because we’re more hyper-aware of the bigger “problem areas” that are harder to take control of and change: tummy rolls, thigh touching, etc. But there’s so much more to the “societal pressure to look a certain way” than the things that we’re aware of and consciously making changes to in our every day life.

  1. BRAS. Why do we wear bras? Google told me this: “Apparently, going without a bra promotes more tone and supporting breast tissue and wearing a bra from a young age does not help support the chest, reduce back pain or prevent breast sagging. … His team of researchers found that the women who did not wear bras have perkier breasts.” I analyzed my why and this is what I came up with:
    I always wore bras because I thought that’s what you had to do when you grew boobs. When they start poppin’ up, we buy a bra. For… what? I thought I was hiding my nipples at first, and then once they got bigger and developed their own shapes I realized I was wearing them to make them look the same, and to make them look a certain shape. UP & ROUND. HOISTED & RESTRAINED. But dammit, they suck. They’re not comfortable, they give me back fat, and I hate them. So I stopped wearing them. I think I own 2 regular underwire bras now, one for tighter t-shirts and one for strapless tops. Because yeah, I might have stopped wearing regular bras for the most part, but I’m still insecure about how I look without one. At the very least, I’ll wear a bralette, and that’s just to keep these things from swangin’ all over the damn place.
  2. Body hair. I have taken advantage of every hair removal option on the market and I probably won’t ever stop shaving completely,  because let’s face it. Being silky smooth does make me feel more attractive and I like how being smooth feels. but I will say.. I love how heavily influenced society has been by this body hair movement. Thee number of women taking control of their body hair has really changed how society views women with body hair! And while I may not stop shaving, I  am reaping the benefits of this movement. I no longer feel like I have to shave if I want to wear a dress. I don’t feel like I need to put on pants when it’s 90 degrees because I forgot to shave my legs. I’m so much more comfortable with having body hair because I see all these other women embracing it.

I’m not telling you to burn your bras and throw out your razors.. I’m certainly not doing that. And I’m not saying doing so will help you find the self-love you’re looking for. I’m saying that there are so many little things we do because of these insecurities that don’t realize because they’re so normalized in our society. I’m not even telling you you need to learn to like your  saggy boobs or body hair. YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIKE THEM. But you certainly don’t need to feel like you have to change them. Just.. accept them. Accept what makes you, you. It is what it is, this is me – I’m cool with me. Me is pretty in the face even if my leg hair is RAGIN’. Me is still laughing even if my boobs aren’t perfectly shaped in my tee.

There is this misconception about self-love that we have to just love everything about ourselves, and I don’t really see it that way. We don’t have to love everything about ourselves to just simply love ourselves. 

It’s about acceptance. And I think acknowledging and accepting the flaws and the insecurities we have, IS love.

Shake yo’ titties free. Don’t shave your legs if you don’t feel like it. It’s all gooooooooood. 

xo, K


  1. I’ve stopped wearing bras around 5 years ago, just as I had my fourth baby. On these last 2 years, I’ve been stopping shaving. I shave when I want to, and don’t shave when I don’t. I wear whatever I want having a smooth leg or not. I love the freedom! Great post!

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