My favorites and preferences are constantly changing, and I thought this would be a fun post to look back on later! It’s also fun to analyze what I’m currently doing in my life – today, to be specific.

So, here’s me last weekend, sometime in May. 2017.

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1. Watching: SNL has been our show of choice for background noise lately when we’re doing work on our computers and phones. We’ve been keeping up still with Brooklyn 9-9 and watching tons of movies on our Firestick.

2. Eating: Nothing with fiber in it. I’m 99% sure what I’ve been dealing with are partial bowel obstructions. I am not a doctor but I know my body and Google SAID. Anyways. I’ve been trying a low-residue diet which is basically the complete opposite of the high-fiber/high-protein, low-sugar thing I was doing. Which is maybe why I was so sick before? No idea. All I know is the last couple weeks eating only soup, Activia, bananas, and white bread and pasta has been treating me pretty well. Not so sure about my waistline but I haven’t thrown up or heard my intestines digesting my food in a while, so I’d say we’re doing alright. I’ve been obsessed with the peach activia and campbell’s tomato soup to-go. I can microwave it at work and it’s so good. I want to make my own though, because that shit is loaded with extra sugar FOR WHAT REASON, I WILL NEVER KNOW.

3. Listening to:  Ever since Kyle and I went to Florida and jammed out hardcore to the 2000’s hip hop station on Spotify for thirteen hours straight, I’ve been pretty into that. Also, the same podcasts I always listen to. America top 40. I’m currently attempting to learn all the lyrics to Subeme la Radio because… Enrique Inglesias. Also that song is catchy as hell. Do I speak spanish? No. But I think I listened to enough Italian and Spanish growing up, that I can do pretty well faking it if I know the words.

4. Wearing:  Shorts because it’s been hot as HAYELL lately. I’ve been living in my target cutoffs. I have to size waaaaay up at target (rude) but they stretch so goooood and I love them. Also, I’m super into these sandals I got from for a Jane review. Shopping on that site, it felt a little bit like … Amazon. Like there are tons of different things – clothing, shoes, home decor, gadgets, accessories, and tons of other things. And they ship to you from different sellers. Everything on the site was pretty affordable and there was a lot of things I could see me purchasing from them.  Back to these sandals though – They are super dainty and cute. I love the lace-up detail. I want to wear them like knee-high gladiator sandals but the laces don’t stay up my calves like that, so I tend to tie them lower toward my ankles. I wore these to a wedding with a seafoam green high-low dress and they were ADORABLE. I loved it. I think if you’re going for a knee-high look, stick to the zipper ones. 

5. Drinking: So much water, lemon water, hot water, and coffee. I’ve been trying to do shakes as meal replacements but dammit they leave me so hungry. doubling my protein powder, adding bananas, NOTHING HELPS.

6. Doing: Lots of yoga. Mostly poop yoga. YES IT’S A REAL THING. AND IT’S AMAZING.  This top is also from I think it was meant to be a dress (at least that’s what it looks like on the model) but it’s way way way too short to wear that way, so I’ve been pairing it with leggings for yoga and jeans for work. I actually really love it as a top. It cinches at the waist and it’s really flattering on me.

I also finally signed up for that math class so I can go ahead and get it out the way and dive face first into my degree as I put it in a previous blog post. It’s a 10 week summer course and I have to take a face-to-face final exam right before we leave for NYC, so I’m hoping I can keep my grade an A until then, that way if I totally bomb my exam, I can finish the class with at least a C. I know that doesn’t sound very ambitious of me, but if you knew my relationship with math, you’d understand. Kyle is carrying the team, here. I honestly don’t know if I’d even be in this class anymore if it weren’t for him. AND IT’S ONLY WEEK THREE. This class is one big trick question.

7. Planning: Ugh, more than I can bother thinking about right now. When I try to think about the next two years and where we’ll be, I get anxious. There’s just SO MUCH. I’m hoping we can move, I want to get another degree, my brother will be graduating high school, I think my sister will be graduating college, birthdays, traveling, meh. I can’t keep my head on straight these days.

8. Worrying about: Nothing really. AWESOME, RIGHT?

9. Obsessed with: I have no time to be obsessed with anything.

10: Shopping for: Nothing really, anymore. Hoping I can just spend  on travel now, I feel pretty prepared for the summer!


  1. soooo can you post a link for that poop yoga? I have Celiac disease and instead of having diarrhea I get (ridiculously) bloated and constipated. Lovely I know 😉 actually have you ever been tested for celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity? I know you have Crohn’s but sometimes they show up together :/ my first doctor didn’t test me for it because most doctors think if you don’t have diarrhea you dont have celiac. wrong! constipation is also a common side effect. sorry. you probably don’t want random health suggestions over the internet. i know how crappy gastro diseases are and i wish you all the best

    • Kaleigh Reply

      GIRL I feel you. It’s a STRUGGLE for sure! I don’t have a specific link, I just searched Poop Yoga on youtube and I watch one video to the next on different positions to do every morning! It works MIRACLES. LOL! I have never been diagnosed with it, no! I don’t even think I’ve been tested.. I wouldn’t doubt having it though. Seems like I tend to collect health issues lol.

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