In short? Yes.

If you want more details, read on.

I’ve been seeing this Lipsense thing all over – people are selling it, people are wearing it, and everyone is giving it their 2 cents. Lipsense is a liquid lipstick like no other – it actually seems to be more like a stain than a lipstick, which is probably why it passes all the “swipe and show” tests. It doesn’t come off on ANYTHING and actually comes with a special remover to get it off.

I got mine from a woman that found me on Facebook through a mutual friend. She was looking for someone to talk about Lipsense, and I was looking to try it! If you are interested in purchasing some for yourself (or as a gift!) Find Holly Lamb and give her a shout!

The starter pack includes a color, a remover, and a gloss. If you’re thinking about skipping this and just buying colors, rethink your decision! The remover is absolutely necessary to get this stuff off, and the gloss helps in not only protecting the color, but making it like, 1000x more comfortable to wear. After you get the starter pack though, feel free to purchase all the colors you want! (the one I’m wearing is called Samon!!)

After watching many instructional videos, this is what I learned:

  • When you go to put this stuff on, you have to make sure you use really really thin layers and make sure your lips are dry before applying each layer.
  • Always put on each layer in one direction and try not to touch it while it’s drying.
  • Don’t try to remove this stuff with a napkin like you would with any normal lipstick – it WILL stick.
  • Don’t rub your lips together until you have the gloss on.
  • After 3 layers, you should be ready for the gloss!

– It is truly the best long-wear “lipstick” I’ve used. I wore it all day (breakfast, coffee, lunch, Netflix, etc.) and it didn’t budge. I didn’t have to reapply EVER
– The color is pretty vibrant and after the 3rd application, opaque.
–  It never dried out, got clumpy, or bothered me like wearing other lipsticks do.
– This stuff is PERFECT for traveling. So easy to manage and use and WEAR.
– Lipsense offers SO many different colors. From nudes to bolds, mattes to sparkles, and everything in between.
– Once you buy the initial “starter pack” all you have to purchase after that is the colors.

– If your lips are chapped, beware. It might sting a little, but that goes away.
– It smells alcohol-y when applying.
– If it gets in your mouth, it doesn’t taste the greatest.
–  It requires a remover to get off.
– It’s not something you can just throw on while you’re in the car. It takes a little more care and precision.
– It’s a bit pricey. (about 55$ for the starter pack, and 20$ each for the colors.)
– You have to purchase this stuff through a distributor like LuLaRoe, and ItWorks.

Overall,  the pros totally outweigh the cons and it’s certainly worth the investment if you’re someone who wears lipstick often, or needs something for a special event that won’t budge. I love this Lipsense thing, I can see now why everyone is freaking out over it. I need more colors, already.

Have you tried Lipsense before? How do you feel about it?

xo, K


  1. I haven’t heard of it before, but am interested in trying it out. I love your pictures by the way !

  2. I’ve never tried Lipsense might be a little too pricey for my taste and that alcohol smell you mention might deter me…

  3. You look absolutely amazing. I do like the color and it looks fantastic on you. That is a bit pricey, but I suppose you do it for something that you really like.

  4. Karoliina Kazi Reply

    I haven’t heard of them (how is that possible!?!) but this looks like an awesome product – I’ll look them up! Thanks for the tip!

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