Every now & again I feel compelled to spill my guts all over this blog and for that, I apologize. Or you’re welcome, depends on if you like these posts or not. LOL.

Lately I’ve been feeling so grateful and grown up, but also like I’m totally all over the place – which is leaving me in a very overwhelmed and tired state.

Let me explain.

So on one hand:

  • I feel super established with my blog. I say this because my stats have been so consistent lately, like, in a good way. I feel super inspired, super on it, super fortunate for the collaborative work I’ve taken on, etc.
  • Kyle and I are in a really good place. Our communication skills have improved so much. I feel like communication is something a lot of couples deal with – it’s always an issue that we never communicate enough. And not because we don’t want to, it’s just hard. Especially because we’re both very defensive and stubborn people. But when we open up more and are able to better explain ourselves, life gets a lot easier, and we’ve been doing really well with that. We’re also on the same page with getting married, moving, and doing everything we need to do to get our shit together. We both realize the compromise that is required to make everything work out in the long run, and we’re fine with it.
  • Work is going really well and things are… going as scheduled? As much as they can be. I don’t feel overwhelmed with it yet, let’s put it that way.
  • I am on track with school, and am finally retaking this damn math class so I can get it out of the way before I dive face first into the SLPA course load.


  • I honestly think it will take like 35 loads to get all our laundry done. it’s so bad.
  • Every morning I feel like I’m just falling apart. In the way that, like, when I’m walking into my building for work, my strapless bra is falling to my waist, my kimoni is slipping off my shoulder, my hair is blowing all over the place, and I just tripped over my own feet walking up the steps… kinda like that.
  • My allergies got so bad, I’m sick with a full blown cold. Which I doubt will ever go away because I just started my Stelara so, goodbye immune system, and hello nose-plugs-made-out-of-tissues all over the house. Any tips on coming back from the dead are welcome. Also, sorry Kyle for the nose-plugs-made-out-of-tissues all over the house. I can’t help it if I lose them in my sleep and the cat finds them and takes them somewhere else. That might be gross, but this is real life. Don’t act like you don’t do this kind of shit too. NEXT..
  • I may possibly (but probably not) be pre-diabetic? Apparently my sugars are higher than normal so effff me. So now I’m being super paranoid about eating carbs and sugar which may play out well for me in my weight-loss endevours, but dammit I’m hungry.

And, so, yeah! Here we are. The next 10 weeks are going to be me, doing math, crying, napping, and traveling. (Math and crying go together, by the way. Been doin’ it that way since the 4th grade. HAHAHA.)

Happy hump day, though. I hope your day was magical.

xo, K


  1. haha I am a sticky note fanatic! Nothing helps me organize like those little guys. I’m totally in the same place with feeling grown up but also not at all. You’re not alone 🙂

  2. Haha the nose plugs from tissues! That is also me!! Hopefully you aren’t pre-diabetic but when I was doing a low gi diet I changed from baked potatoes to sweet potatoes & cut out white rice, still missed the starchy carbs though 😔

  3. Adore this, Kaleigh! And best of luck in that damn math class LOL – the minute I could start avoiding math classes, I did! I also need to do my laundry desperately as well. I’m always living out of my suitcase even at home – I hate unpacking!


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