Woo, Friday! I’m really excited to talk about this look today because 1) Flare jeans are my new obsessions and 2) this handbag.

**This post was sponsored by Hazlmay but all opinions remain my own! 

Hazlmay makes handbags, backpacks, and crossbodies with the young and adventurous women in mind! One thing I love about this brand is how affordable they are. I’m all about affordable fashion, living within our means, and lookin’ fashionable and cute without spending a fortune, because you don’t have to! They think the same thing and created a line full of cute bags that vary in design to reach every woman that wants to be on-the-go in style!

I chose this bag because it’s different than what I would typically choose for myself. I like bags with structure, defined lines, and zippers. The fact that this bags has a little sag, chains, and more round detail, puts it way out of my comfort zone, but I think fashion is all about experimentation and trying new things! This bag is called the Esther and I’ve actually really loved wearing it!

It’s neutral but different from my typical brown/black go-to colors. I love having a variety in my bag options because I feel that I dress in a variety of different ways. Some looks call for different accessories, and I see my bags sort of how I see my shoes. I tend to have way more shoes, but you get it. I need a black one, a brown one, a grey one, a crossbody, a tote, a fancy one, a fringy one, one that’s super colorful, etc.

I paired it with a pair of high waisted flare jeans, a tied up grey tee, and a kimono with some embroidery detail.

It’s an understated bag, which I love. I am an understated kinda girl. And it comes in two colors! Each one of Hazlmay’s bags actually comes in two different tones to choose from.

Did you check out their site? Which one was your favorite?

xo, k


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