Tanning? An Addiction?


Tanning can be an addicting thing! Why? Because human beings are vain and we’ve been brainwashed to think that tan is best and tan is beautiful and tan is eeeeverything. It does sort of equate to health and happiness because when we have color, we do sort of glow. And I’m convinced having a tan makes my chubbiness a little less chubby aaaand it doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself “pale is beautiful” I still feel 100x better when I have some color. I’m working on my issues, k?

If we tackle the issues underneath the addiction, for me, it comes down to insecurities and tanning just makes me feel better about myself. Period. Just like wearing makeup. I don’t wear it because I just love it, I wear it because I feel like it truly makes me look better. If I can help myself in regards to my self-esteem, I probably wouldn’t care so much about being tan. I wouldn’t contemplate the tanning bed everything February, and I wouldn’t kill myself every weekend to get my self tanner on every inch of my body (because honestly, who can reach that far with a MIT? If Ulta could start selling them attached to a long handle or something, that’d be great because my middle-upper back does not match the rest of me.)

But it seems like every year, more and more girls (and guys!) are risking their health in the name of vanity and only speak out when someone gets skin cancer. Which seems to be the sad reality when it comes to a lot of preventable tragedies like this.

SO, join me and tons of others that are skipping the tanning beds this summer and dipping our toes into the art that is self tanner. It is an art, trust me.

About 2 years ago I tried several different self tanners that I found at Ulta. Some off the Kardashian line, St.  Moriz vs. St. Tropez, Ulta brands, even the Neutrogena wipes and the Equate lotions. What I found was that lotions are awful, hard to use, and always leave me streaky. St. Moriz and St. Tropez are nearly the same thing, so go with the cheaper one. Just because it says dark doesn’t actually mean it will make you look super dark. Think of it like when you box dye your hair. On the side of the boxes, it usually has photos of different shades of hair and basically says “if your hair is this color and you use this, it will be this color.” So if it’s lighter, it’ll get darker, but not like the color on the box. So if you’re pasty white in complexion,  dark might actually be a better idea than the medium, which would be better for someone who already has color, or has a darker natural skin tone. In my head when I started using self tanner, darker was intimidating because I thought it would be too dark, but, no, that’s not how it works. LOL.

My favorite favorite faaavorite self tanner has been the St. Moriz MOUSSE in dark. Mousse is key. Mousse is easy, mousse is your friend. It takes ten minutes to apply and dry. I wait 3 hours/sometimes overnight before rinsing it off. If I do sleep in it though I have to be careful not to sweat all over my white bedding. LOL. It won’t all come off if you sweat, but it will show. The direction technically say to let it dry before doing any activity, showering, or sleeping, but I’d wait the 3 hours, shower, and then go about your day, because if you sweat at allllll, it’ll get all over your clothes and bra and underwear and just… meh. It still leaves good color even if you rinse after applying. That’s been the best way to go about using it, for me.

**Keep in mind, I did take the first photo in the morning, and the second in the afternoon. The difference in lighting seems to have yellowed the photo. I contemplated tweaking the photo to better match, but decided not to.

Usually after the 2 applications, I’ll do it one time every weekend to maintain it during the summer months. Then I only really do it during the winter if I feel like I want to do it or if I’m planning to have photos taken for a special occasion or something.

What are your favorite self tanners? Have you kicked the tanning bed habit yet?

xo, k


  1. Oh wow!! That looks so natural 😍 I’m feeling a bit pale with the lack of sun we are getting in the UK!

  2. Honestly, I am an Indian, and we get a natural tan out here! We rather apply as much sunscreen as possible to avoid tanning. I never get the idea why people would love to get a tan. But I see it in your picture, big difference! Glad you are using safe measures. XoXo

    • Kaleigh Reply

      It’s definitely a cultural thing!! I was raised American/Italian and in the US, being tan is huge!

  3. I’m not a bit tanner, but I think it’s cool that you are promoting a more healthy way to tan. However, I think I would be worried about wearing a product like this because of the sweat causing it to rub off. Ah well.

    • Kaleigh Reply

      LOL, you’re hesitation is totally justified. That’s why I do it before bed, and I wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants to bed. then I don’t sweat anything off and if I do, it gets on my clothes, not my bedding!

  4. Haha I’m too scared to do this because I’m too scared I’d make it look splotchy. But you did such a good job! Love it!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      SO WAS I! That’s whats so great about the mousse though! it’s virtually impossible to mess up unless you just totally miss a spot altogether. It’s great for beginners!

  5. I may not need to tan, I’m already brown, but I do get wanting a healthy glow. Thanks to genetics I can get mine safely after staying in the summer sun for an hour or so but if you’re fair I’m all for a great self-tanner. Sure beats the damage tanning beds can do to your skin.
    xx | A

    • Kaleigh Reply

      Absolutely! I’ve always been a bit jealous of naturally tanned people, but I think that’s because it’s something I see in my Italian family a lot and I did NOT get those genes. LOL.

    • Kaleigh Reply

      That is so interesting! I love the difference in our cultures.. crazy to think how different our beauty standards are just because of our geological locations and societal upbringings!

  6. While I do not have the issue of remaining tanned (naturally tanned here), I do understand the beauty associated with that glowing skin. However, no beauty is worth the risk of cancer. I love your alternative and your legs look great!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      LUCKY. I wasn’t blessed with the easily tanned genes. lol! You are so right- no beauty is worth risking our health! Thank youuuu!!

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