I have this image in my head that I’ve been wanting to create/recreate for so long. Running through the field of flowers in some crazy long and flowy dress with the wind in my hair, during golden hour, UGH. I have yet to find a field of flowers that isn’t located off interstate 95… but now that I have my hands on these babies, I’m making it my summer 2017 priority. I will drive around ALL SUMMER IF I HAVE TO, with these in my trunk, just waiting for the opportunity. I’m scouting out all the flower festivals, and all the national parks, and all the bloom schedules I can find online. I will have my moment.

**This post was sponsored by Filly Flair – all opinions are my own! 

I’m a maxi skirt obsessed girl and I think it’s mainly because they’re so versatile, and they fit all different body types! Since I’ve gained weight, there are certain clothing pieces and ways of dressing that I’ve had to either let go of, or try to evolve with my body type. Maxi skirts and dresses are something that have stayed pretty constant in how they wear and how they look on me. So it was no surprise to me when I started working with Filly Flair, that I went straight for the maxis!

As big of a fan as I am of places like American Eagle, H&M, and other bigger chains, I have a huuuge respect for small businesses and I love working with boutiques that not everyone has heard of! I like to share them with you guys in hopes of introducing more people to small businesses like these! Each shop is sort of unique to the owner’s style and sometimes offer really good deals and sales!! They are always worth checking out.

Filly Flair is sort of a mix between classy and boho. Some pieces are very modern, very southern, and pretty. Some are more flowy, bohemian-esque, comfy, etc. There’s a great variety to choose from and they have tons of stuff! These maxis (here & here) are suuuuper flowy and they have tons of fabric so they’re basically magic and perfect for twirling. I got a size Large in both, but the white one has a zipper in the back and not much stretch so it was pretty tight around my waist. The colorful one was actually a bit bigger feeling. The waistband was stretchy, I could’ve worn a medium, honestly. They’re both pretty heavy and like… just very well made. They don’t feel cheap. I want to wear them on windy days at the beach and have a professional take my photos. They’re just PRETTY, OK? I really really do love them so much- they are so big and FUN.

Get over to Filly Flair and check out what kind of things they have. If you’re a photographer and you collect pieces for styled sessions, these skirts are eeeeverything!! I know “big and flowy” is so perfect and popular for artistic styled shoots and these are such a great (and affordable!) option!! They will definitely be used again for photographing purposes and fancier outings. I’m so obsessed with them.

xo, k



  1. Gorgeous! You are so right…these would be a perfect piece to have on hand for styled shoots. They add so much whimsy to the images. 🙂

  2. I love that you’re giving a shout-out to a small business boutique! They often have such better, and much more unique items than those larger chains who try to hard to give the same feel. Filly Fair looks like they have some really great pieces, and are definitely worth checking out

    • Kaleigh Reply

      They really do!! Filly Flair is probably one of the best smaller boutiques I’ve worked with. Loved working with them!

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