Happy Monday! Today I’m working with Thread Tank over here and I wanted to just shooooow you guys because, ugh. I’ve always been a fan of funny graphic tees and they’ve really grown in popularity here in the last couple of years. There’s literally a graphic tee for everyone, every style, every age, every personality, etc. I think that’s why I like them so much.

**This post was sponsored by Thread Tank but all opinions remain my own! 

Thread Tank has thouuuusands of styles (or at least it felt like it when I was searching for mine!) And you can search them by category which was really awesome. They have tees for coffee addicts, moms, people of faith, animal lovers, there’s a whole category for different occupations, boho-tees, people who love the outdoors, a collection of states, and THERE’S EVEN A SECTION FOR BEARDS.

I went with two that really spoke to me and the kind of life I live. Gangsta Napper & Purrito (I don’t need to explain any further.) And I tied them up with a high waisted maxi (from Kohl’s, just in case anyone is curious.) and wore a light little layered necklace for SPARKLE. (I’m a joke of a fashion blogger, it’s fine.)

These tees aren’t just perfect for every day wear, but they’re great gifts and they reach such a wide variety of people! They’re so soft and comfortable and I’ve been sleeping in mine and literally just rolling out of bed and into my day in it. Don’t judge me. Check out their website here and pick out your favorite!

Happy Shopping, Friends!

xo, k


  1. That t-shirt made me chuckle! And I often sleep in clothes that I intend to wear the next day. Won’t tell if you don’t x

    • Kaleigh Reply

      hahaha It’s the worst habit, honestly. But sometimes ya just feel lazy, and it just happens.

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