This weekend was super productive which means, Monday, I was exhausted. Let’s start on Friday!

This past Friday, I worked just the morning at school and then I took a quick nap before heading to my sister’s house to go shopping. We are going to Florida in a few weeks, so we needed some dresses and shorts for the weather! We’re still wearing jeans and light sweaters in North Carolina, but Florida is a different story this time of year!

Old Navy has these really cute boyfriend styled distressed jean shorts, so we both got a pair of those. Also, Target has a pair of black cut offs that are a really nice length for thicker thighs, but they don’t look like mom-shorts. That’s a problem I always seem to  run into when I am buying shorts. I wear a 10-12 in jeans but have to size up in shorts or my thighs get squished and I look like 10 lbs of cookie dough in a 5 lb bag- But when I size up to 14 or 16, they look huge, weird, too long, etc. But these shorts were perfect.

We got dinner at El Cerro in Raleigh which is perfect if you’re craving Mexi but don’t have the budget for some of the fancier Mexican places in the city. It’s like every other Mexican place you’d go to, which is what we were craving.

Then we ran to Ulta for hair dye and I picked up this amaaaazing body scrub by Tree Hut in Coconut Lime . It smells so good and it feels amazing on your skin. Then I was volun-told to help dye my sister’s hair. It took 2 boxes and we really should’ve had a third. HER HAIR IS SO THICK!

We got ready and went out to  the Beer Garden for drinks and to visit her friend that worked there. I am a total grandma when it comes to having a social life. I don’t go out, I fall asleep at 10 pm, and I’m super lame. You could definitely tell, too, because when we were out, I was people watching like a crazy person. I literally looked like  I had been cooped up in my house the last ten years and this was the first time I had left. I haven’t seen that many tight polo tees in a LONG time. #college
I don’t drink enough beer to know what I like outside of like.. Corona and Budweiser. So I had no idea what to order for myself. But I looked at the menu and looked for the lowest alcohol content and hoped for the best. I got a Carolina Blonde and it went pretty well, other than it being a wheat beer. I’ve always been pretty against wheat beer because my only experience with wheat was Blue Moon. *cringe*. So I was surprised to like it so much- I was a bit perplexed, like, who am I right now? How did this happen? This goes against everything I thought I stood for. I’m dramatic.
We went to McDonald’s after because, well, fries.. Did you know they have a SAUCE POLICY? I’m not a frequent flyer over there, but I do have a weakness for their french fries and when we pulled up there was a sign in the window that explained their sauce policy. It was like, 1 sauce for 3-4 nuggets, 2 sauces for 10,  and 3 sauces for 20. 1 – WHO EATS 20 CHICKEN NUGGETS? and 2 – WHO CAN EAT 20 CHICKEN NUGGETS WITH 3 SAUCES? I would assume people that order the 20 piece are sharing and 3 sauces would NOT be enough in any world. Even if they weren’t, 3 is still not enough.  Get your shit together, McDonald’s.

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to brunch at the Morning Times Cafe. The line was long but it was worth the wait. And while we were waiting we got a fun view of Raleigh’s finest! An apparently distraught man lecturing the downtown goers about the truth behind April Fool’s Day. He zeroed in on a visitor with his twin daughters (toddler-aged) and began discussing how April Fool’s Day is really a government born “holiday” and that they were going to “kill him, and his family, and everyone here.” OKAYYY. The woman in front of me what his wife, and was obviously extremely bothered by this, yelling at her husband to “just go somewhere else”. And my sister behind me just says, WELCOME TO RALEIGH! This woman didn’t think it was funny.

Anyways – I love getting coffee there but had never sat down to eat – and now I don’t think I’ll ever go without getting food. IT WAS SO GOOD. I got french toast and my sister got chicken and waffles, and we wound up splitting both of them so we could have a bit of both.  It was so yummy. Our two friendlies got the breakfast burritos and they looks amazing, too. Definitely going to be my go-to breakfast spot from now on.

Since it’s officially Spring, we headed over to the State Farmer’s Market after brunch and we perused the fruits and veggies. I left with strawberries,  a new cactus plant, and 2 big Wandering Jew plants. They’re so PRETTY and they inspired our activities for the next day.

The State Farmer’s Market in Raleigh is literally a destination for some. It’s a reason to travel to Raleigh in the spring and summer. it’s HUGE, for one, but there’s also a restaurant, and another section of the market that has more “goods” than produce. There’s a deli, and ice cream shop, a spot to  get seafood – there’s just tons to see and do there!

(new life motto)

then we moseyed on over to Target to get little pots and bowls for our new plant babies and we planted them in front of my sister’s apartment. Everyone had work so we all dispersed and my sister and I went over to Diced for an early dinner before I went home. I thought the name was funny because everyone knows about Chopt, and I thought it was funny that there was a similar restaurant with a synonym for a name, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

On Sunday Kyle and I were both super inspired by my large plants so we went over to our Lowe’s and got some more things to do up the porch with. Last spring we did the same thing, but after several trips, I think the plants got a bit traumatized from lack of water. They all died and I never tried to fix them. So I dumped out all my pots and started over. I got 3 basil plants, a jalapeno, snapping dragons, hostas, and some green thing that I thought was really pretty.

ALSO CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THIS BLUE CARPET FOR A SECOND. (We have blue carpet on our porch, btw. No photos because I hate it.) I love our little house, I really do. I love our little porch. I love our little yard, but God, do I hate our blue carpet. For one, I mean, it’s blue. Why. But also, it’s ripping and coming up in some spots and I just wanna rip it off. It’s glued on though so we’d have to rip it up, remove the glue, and re-do it somehow. We want to paint it, but it’s just a lot of time and work for a house that we’re just renting. I don’t know. It’s tragic.

I spent the rest of the night doing laundry and trying to get our house in order – that’s tragic too. I don’t know how or why we’re so messy. Like I don’t understand it because it all happens so fast that I can’t ever see it happening. Like one day things are clean, and then 2 seconds later, they’re just not. KEEPING A HOUSE IS HARD. I hate it. Like who let me do this? Who let me move out? I couldn’t keep my bedroom clean when I lived with my parents, who thought I’d be able to keep a HOUSE clean? hmmmm? When I’m rich I will have a cleaning lady to do my dishes and throw away my junk mail. UGH.

I hope everyone had a super weekend, if you made it to the end of this shit show of a blog post, thank you. I love you. You are a great person for caring enough to keep reading. LOL bye.

xo, k



  1. I am also checking a lot of plants and flowers now in spring. I want to pimp up the garden! Lovely to see your time at the market!

  2. Oh wow, you sure had some good time! 🙂 Ps. Those flowers are to die for, I am really looking forward to summer and all the flowers!

  3. Oh wow you did so much at the weekend! I’m lucky if I venture out for some coffee 😂 sounds like you had fun. Ree Love30

  4. Everything looks so fantastic! I could have that Raleigh’s brunch, those tulips, shea butter scrub… just name it!

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