Yesterday I went to take some pictures of Colten & Chloe who are officially one month old! They didn’t get newborn pictures done because they were born early and were kept in the hospital for a few weeks before they were allowed to come home, so we did the best we could with their little squirmy selves! Poor things were so done with us by the time we wrapped things up!

Thank God for Momma Rose who was able to help us dress and pose them! I am NOT a newborn photographer nor have I ever taken pictures of babies this little, so I had noooo idea what I was in for. I don’t know HOW you newborn photogs do it- this was no joke! Regardless, they were SO sweet, and I was so happy to do it!

Here are just a few from our afternoon!

THE BABY FEVER IS REAL YOU GUYS. And I can’t believe how red their hair looks in these pictures! They were a couple of TROOPERS & did so unbelievably well! I am such a proud auntie!


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