I don’t usually do entire blog posts for things I get through Influenster because … well, blog posts are work and sometimes the things I get from them just aren’t worth an entire post.  SORRY. They get tweets and grams and whatnot. BUT – I had to do a whole post about what I received from Influenster this week because it was amazing!

Side note: Infuenster is a company that connects bloggers and social media influencers to brands. You sign up,  connect your social medias, and do reviews, ask questions, create lists, take photos, and once you unlock enough badges you get a box. What’s in the box depends on what campaign they say you “qualify” for. Regardless, it’s pretty cool and sometimes you get really cool shit. Then you post on you socials about it/some do entire blog posts if they happen to love the product.

The box I got was full of Burberry beauty goodies. Since I’m a baller on a budget, I don’t really spend a lot of time or energy reading or testing high end beauty products. On occasion I will, but only if I’m totally and absolutely sold on it. (Bare Minerals, some Clinique products, etc.) This… I would blow some money on.

I love a matte lipstick, especially a liquid one. They’re just pretty and they look so good,  but they are hands down one of the most uncomfortable makeup items to wear. They dry out, they feel gross, and you can’t lick or rub your lips together because it gets cakey and just .. weird. And I am absolutely one of those people that has to touch and mess with my lips, I can’t just let them be.

SO – that’s why I like this velvet lipstick so much. It looks like a matte, but wears like a normal lipstick. It doesn’t ever really “dry” it just feels like butter. Or velvet, lol.

My box included 2 colors, a liner (definer) with a sharpener, and a highlighter. I actually LOVE the highlighter – I don’t wear highlighter because I’m so oily skinned already but I love what it does for my brow bone and cupids bow! The 2 colors I got are Fawn No. 5 and Bright Plum No. 49 and they’re gorgeous! My fave is the Bright Plum, it’s really pretty and makes my lips look bigger. 💋

If you’ve ever been interested in Burberry beauty products, or are just looking for the perfect lipstick, I think they’ve hit the nail on the head. I could wear this stuff every day, it’s that comfortable. 


*Wildlight&Lush received these products for free in exchange for reviews and social sharing through Influenster. All opinions remain my own and are in no way influenced by the company or Influenster itself. 


  1. Awww, I didn’t know Burberry has a Make Up Line too. Not sure if they sell it in Europe but I will have a look at Sephora when I’m in the US because it looks really great :-*

  2. Oh that’s so cool! I had no clue Burberry made cosmetics too, but don’t they all do nowadays haha 😀 loving the shades!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      they really do, LOL. these velvet ones are amaaazing though!! The whole line has gorgeous colors!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      ooooo, I’ll have to look for that!! I have an absurd collection of matte lipsticks but these were by far my favorite!

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