My favorites and preferences are constantly changing, and I thought this would be a fun post to look back on later! It’s also fun to analyze what I’m currently doing in my life – today, to be specific.

So, here’s me today, January 22nd, 2017.

1. Watching: BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT. This is the best show ever and Kyle and I are obsessed with it, all of a sudden. It’s so dramatic, and we love seeing how the kids change (apparently; who knows whats actually real) But regardless, it’s seriously entertaining. We’ve been watching a lot of redbox movies too, and I’m/we’re watching the usual shows- This is Us and Brooklyn 99. OH ALSO ALSO ALSO – I watched the entire OC series since the last time I did this kind of post, and my life was changed. Not really, I just got very attached to the characters like one usually does when they binge watch something. IT WAS SO GOOD. Benjamin McKenzie- call me. 😉

2. Eating: Try to eat better, still. I seem to fall off the wagon without even realizing. LOL. I’m really into my coconut milk lately, tuna fish, and cool whip light. But also pizza, chocolate, and bagels.

3. Listening to: Cartel. HAHA. #throwbackjams And Jon Bellion is a new obsession. 

4. Wearing: My Old Navy Rockstar jeans, always. lots of cozy sweaters, because, Winter. But also falling in love again with my lace up flats since the weather here has been… not so wintery. That’s North Carolina for you, though!

5. Drinking: Ice water in my Yeti is my jam, still. I got a pitcher for Christmas that has a built in diffuse thing so  I’ve been enjoying that, too! And the La Croix apricot waters!

6. Doing: Bloggin, plannin, nappin, snuggin with sugar butt. I’ve been so tired lately! Work is going well, busy, but it’s going a lot better than it was last year when we had no idea what we were doing/learning as we went! I recently did a month’s worth of laundry too, so there’s that. I have nothing together, over here. No worries. 

7. Planning: I’m doing a little collaboration with my other blogger frands so that’s in the works, plus trying to get a budget together for this year’s travels, trying to get some sort of plans together for those.. as much as I hate having them. IT’S FINE.

8. Worrying about: I have swollen optic nerves because of the Humira I take for my Crohn’s Disease so I need to  see a neurologist. Which… I’m not worried really because I know it’s because of my Humira.  But I don’t know what’s next as far what medication I’ll be taking or if I’ll stay on the Humira, or what kind of treatment there is for… swollen optic nerves. How did I even know I had swollen optic nerves? I started seeing a big grey blank space in my left eye. Little unnerving. The doctor dilated me, did some other vision tests, and saw first that my “blind spot” looked larger than normal in my left eye, and then saw that my optic nerves swollen. I’m literally seeing my blind spots. GRR.

9. Obsessed with: Riah’s shop, TheWanderful Soul, and all her cute travel-inspired tees! The one I’m wearing this morning is “Time To Explore” (here) And I LOVE it! It’s comfy, flattering, and super soft. Riah is the epitome of all things boho and spiritual and travel-esque and her shop totally says that about her! Along with these cute tees, she has salt lamps, home decor, and accessories! 

10: Shopping for: I’m planning a baby shower and saving all my monies for taxes and travel so…. nothing. 🤦‍♀️ And by nothing I mean I’m trying to not shop for anything. We all know how that goes.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Sunday!



    • Kaleigh Reply

      Definitely give the site a visit! Lots of neat things for sale!

  1. I love this post- such an awesome idea! Also jealous of your not-so-wintery winter, would love for some warmer weather up here in Toronto!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      bahaha, but I wanna wear my boots and scarves! We can trade places! 😀

  2. It is extremely difficult to be on a shopping ban. One way to stop myself from shopping is get back home from work and lock myself in the bedroom.

    How is it going so far for you?

    • Kaleigh Reply

      hahahaha, that’s a smart idea! it’s going well, but only because I’m sick. LOL.

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